Week 2 of 2018


Week2 Collage

It is possible to become good friends with someone in a short amount of time. Sometimes you just “click”. My dear friend DeAnn left this week, and I was very sad to see them go. She and I enjoyed taking/and doing outdoor sports, gardening, environmentalism, healthy eating, our pets, our lack of children, our jobs, and our struggles in daily life here. As Michael W. Smith says, “A friend’s a friend forever, if the Lord’s the lord of them. Though it’s hard to let you go, in the Father’s hands we know, that a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends”. We spent some time together this week before she left with a Goodbye party, some time working on a puzzle together, and then saw them off when they took the ferry to the airport to go home. The tradition here is that people jump off the dock after the ferry leaves to signal them a good trip home. I didn’t jump, but it was pretty warm in the sun (and I forgot my sunglasses at home!!) so it sounded nice.

I’ve been having a fun time this week resting, learning, and doing a puzzle. I’ve been reading about minimalism/tidying up; my sister gave me this great book (shown in the pictures) for Christmas. The layout is beautiful, and I like the simplify she speaks of. I’ve always been interested in organizing (when I was 2, I would line my shoes and toys up in order around the edge of my room during “nap time”). I’ve read a few books in the past few years about it, and LOVE The Container Store. Because we have moved a lot the past few years, it seems like I am constantly going through things, and purging because “do we REALLY need/love this?”. It has helped release me from the materialism that regularly comes with being American, and realize what things I like and what things I do really need to live successfully in whatever situation I’m in.

I’ve also been learning about Hadoop and Big Data, so that when I go back to work, I’ll have remembered SOME of my tech knowledge. I’ve always liked analytics and data, so figured this could be a fun place to start refreshing. Hey, it’s just like organizing, but with data instead of real-life, tangible items.

Brian and I had fun making two ship ornaments. Every year, we get an ornament after Christmas and wrap it up for the next year to put on the tree. However, this year, there wasn’t really any place to get an ornament, so we saw someone make something similar and decided to make our own! We used materials all from the beach, even the “string” is from a coconut palm trunk. They’re still missing the sail, as we need to starch some old shirts we have. All recycled materials! DeAnn would be proud 😉

Speaking of recycled items, Garage Sale-ing is a big thing here. Because it takes about 2 weeks for anything to be shipped here, and there’s only 1 store here (like a Walmart-style store), people selling things to one another is the best way to get things (and to get a good deal!). We went over the weekend and I got a few nice Banana Republic, Target, and Gap clothes for $1 each! Now that’s how I like to shop! We also got a cat carrier — the cats have hard covered carriers that they sleep in, but if we need to travel with them at all, we can’t use those as they wouldn’t fit under an airplane seat. Figured we’d buy one at the garage sale for $4. I wasn’t sure what the cats would think about it, but Jado had fun jumping in it, putting his toys in it and attacking them, since they were “stuck” in there.

We also had a few issues this week that Jado helped resolve. We say he’s the expensive cat — he likes jewelry and technology (But I guess Clemmy has expensive taste too, as he is the one who likes Salmon and Shrimp!). However, I’m teaching Jado to be a smart cat and use his love for technology and his skills so he can be a good technician. This week, we worked on investigation, and checking cables. The fridge was leaking so he wanted to help figure out what was going on. Enjoy the video!








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