Week 3 of 2018

Week 3 Collage

A few fun things this week: We finished our puzzle! We completed a 1,000 piece puzzle over the past few weeks. It’s been fun, but after awhile, I just wanted to finish it (yes, I have a somewhat neurotic issue that disables me from enjoying things when something is not fully done!). Brian kept telling me to enjoy the journey, and not worry about the destination. Sounds like a good motto for my life too! We enjoyed doing the puzzle together as it gave us something to do where we were “busy” but still enabled us to chat and talk with one another while doing so.

Second fun thing: Hanging out with Cousin Pat and Cousin Rog & Lizzy. Cousin Pat is my mom’s cousin, and we grew up with her and her kids in Bonsall, CA. Her husband’s company is RQ Construction, whom Brian works for now here in GTMO. We enjoy getting to see them visit the island every few months and enjoy family. Their son, my second cousin, and his family are here in GTMO and I have had fun going to the beach a few times this week with Lizzy and the kids. Saw a giant sea star, which was really cool!

Third fun/exciting thing: Brian officially used his Professional Engineer stamp this week! They finished a final design for a road he designed and he put his final stamp on it. I’m really proud of him for all of the work he has done up to this point to further his skills as an engineer, and this stamping culminated all of the past years and years of work to be able to officially stamp a design he created, pretty much entirely on his own, with the help of his drafters. (He got his stamp a few years ago, just hasn’t been the principal engineer, where he’s needed to use his certifications until this point.)

Fourth fun thing: Since the CEO of RQ was out here, the Filipinos hosted a BBQ party at the Man Camp (they live in what they call “the man camp” because it’s all men workers there). We enjoyed spending time with company friends there, eating gluten-free dessert (we have a lot of GF people at RQ, which is AWESOME for us!), and spent some time checking out their garden that they have there. The man camp is kind of like dorm living, where each guy has their own room and then they have communal areas. They have such good garden areas, because the weather here is similar to the Philippines. Unfortunately for me, it’s a little hot and humid for what we’re used to so my plants aren’t doing that well, except for the basil!

The logistics of living on an island make it difficult to have specialty foods. We miss Trader Joe’s and Sprouts, but this week, we were able to find some So Delicious ice cream bars here at the Commissary! Yay for Dairy-free, “good-for-you” ice cream treats! I also tested my allergen-friendly cooking abilities this week by creating a curry with out many normal ingredients I would use, to make a special dish for someone. AND it turned out really well! I’m getting really good at figuring out how to basically make anything with any restriction. The Creative Cook Coox!

I’ve been enjoying walking with a new friend Jess this past week, and have gotten to see parts of the base I don’t regularly go to through our walking adventures. The weather has been so nice here. 75-85 degrees with a slight breeze. Perfect for walking!

For the little C’s: They’ve had a tiring week! They have enjoyed playing in the backyard a lot this week, and so many of their pictures involve them flat on the floor knocked out sleeping. I realized I didn’t have many pictures of Clemmy, so tried to take a few this week. Clemmy doesn’t like taking pictures! He doesn’t like being held very much, and he’s not very attentive to the phone, so it’s hard to get a good shot of him. He always has his ears pinned back too. Poor little guy. But, lucky for him, the Prenshaw Cousin cats sent a beautiful card to Clemmy and Jado and Jado enjoyed sitting next to it for a few hours. He was proud of his present. Thanks, Henry & Wells Prenshaw! (Along with those Christmas presents, Emily got me a book called 52 weeks of lists! Yes! Something I can check off and finish!)

For our video this week, you can see Jado practicing writing. He hasn’t quite got it down yet. He’s better at the computer than pen and paper —  just like mom!




One thought on “Week 3 of 2018

  1. I love that I can tell what you’re working on underneath the cat. I love that I know your friend Jess, and I love that I’m going to see you twice tomorrow. :). Also, going to go look for that ice cream bar! It will probably be my post-whole-30-but-still-paleo celebration treat!


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