Week 4 of 2018

Week 4 Collage

A tiring, but fulfilling week. One of the great things about resting while here is being able to try out different things, slowly, and then have time to recover and rest from them after a busy week. Unfortunately, my health has not been doing well since shortly after Christmas, which has been very discouraging, since the month of December I was feeling great and ready to go back to work! However, God has other plans, and for now, I will continue resting here for the time being.

Top events this week:

  • Paddle boarding with a few friends from a women’s bible study group I’m in. We got to go into the cove area, and just overall had a fun time with a group of sweet friends.
  • Computer Science class field trip to the “data center”. My dear friend Kit let us come and visit their IT department’s servers. Although it was much smaller than an Apple data center (even smaller than Biola’s!), it was a good representation of what a data center looks like, and allowed my students to see some of the concepts they’ve been learning about in person.
  • US Coast guard tour: I now have 3 CS classes, and one of my students already had done the session on data centers last semester. So he and I went to the US Coast Guard boat dock and got to see their boats. Unfortunately, there was very little technology on the boats there, so we didn’t get to talk about much. BUT, we did come back to the house for class and finish writing some JavaScript code regarding for loops! I’m so proud of him. He’s in first grade, and his JS is going to end up being better than mine pretty soon!
  • Finishing Scuba e-training. This coming week, we’ll do the in-person class and training sessions. I got to take my scuba course sitting by the bay for a few hours, and that was really nice. I normally try to go to the beach at least 2-3 times a week. I only made it there once this week. Trying to take advantage of living on an island — what’s the point if you don’t ever go enjoy the beauty!?
  • Facial party. My skin was so happy, and after a busy week of field trips and Scuba studying (which is super hard when your brain is not working well!!), it was so relaxing and fun to spend time with Brittney and Lizzy.
  • Leading worship with Brian Sunday morning for church. I’m starting to get back into writing some music. I went to the chapel and practiced for a few hours and started writing again. It’s been a long time, but it’s time to start back up again. Helping lead worship is a blessing, and so much fun to be able to do together as well. As much as I love doing sound, there’s a different skill and dependence on God required when leading, and it’s a scary, but thrilling feeling to trust God’s leading.
  • Last but not least, we went to a baby dedication today. He’s so cute! He is a happy little kid, and it was exciting to see these parents dedicate their son to God. I got a few cute pictures cuddling with him! Such a gorgeous day to enjoy outside, even if it was a little hotter than normal (almost 90!), and super windy. Love the warm air here.

As for the little C’s: I got some more Clemmy pictures this week, so you can see how pretty of a cat he is! He also has been much more talkative lately, letting us know that he loves being outside, and wants me to open the door for him. They have played outside a lot, but it’s been hotter, so they’ve been lounging, like dogs, on the cement. Jado has also been planning his escape; I have a few days worth of pictures of him sitting right near the fence looking out. They started to dig two holes under the fence. They want to escape (but they don’t REALLY, and they know that they’ve got it good!)!



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