Week 5 & 6


There weren’t many pictures from last week, as I didn’t do that much, so I combined this week and last week together. Here are the updates!

Last week (Week 5): 
Brian and I finished our GMTO sailboat ornaments. Here they are! I’m really happy with how they turned out. They’re both so different, but so creative!

Spanish language class: There’s a man here teaching a few different languages to anyone who wants to come to a free class twice a week. Since Brian and I are going to Barcelona in a few weeks, and we’re living in Cuba (although no one really speaks Spanish here on the base), I figured that I should brush up. I haven’t taken Spanish classes in about 12 years, and haven’t spoken (or thought!) much in Spanish since I lived in SoCal, quite a few years ago now. I have forgotten a lot, but have really enjoyed going to class and just practicing thinking and speaking in Spanish. Jado and Clemmy are learning Spanish too, cause I practice during the day with them.

My CS Classes this week started talking about the Internet and how we get information very very quickly from all the way across the other side of the world. This was a great video, so if you’ve always been confused regarding how your picture gets sent from you to me within seconds, take a look! I love Code.org. They’re doing a GREAT job providing easy-to-understand educational resources. I really think every person/kid should understand how these basics of computing topics work. You use them every day! You should know! It’s not that hard — it’s just that it’s unknown to you, and unknown seems  hard. It’s a 6 minute video. Watch it!

More walking, more hanging out, more phone calls, and spending time with people. As a do-er, it’s been different being here and not doing much, but more so being and enjoying time with friends and talking on the phone with family. It’s nice to have time to be able to do so!

Little C’s: Clemmy ate a green bean last week. This week, he got some shrimp and Salmon. Brian was a softie and felt bad that Jado didn’t get a treat (Jado doesn’t like seafood). So, Brian got Jado a little bowl of almond milk, and Jado lapped it ALL up! He loves almond milk out of Brian’s breakfast bowl in the morning. This time was just a special treat, because he was sad Clemmy got all the treats! haha. Our children will be so spoiled in the future…

This week (Week 6):
Had a lot of fun baking cookies with Brittney, Carrie and the kids. We made Valentine’s Day cookies for the RQ men who live in the “Man Camp”. The Man Camp is where the single RQ men live here on base, and most of them are Filipinos who are here without their families. We had an RQ ladies brunch on Saturday and during that time we packed the cookies and wrote cards for the men. The cookies we made were vegan, sugar-free, since some of them are diabetic. And they were also gluten-free, because the three of us are GF, so we had quite the mix of different kinds of cookies. The ones pictured were my favorites – peanut butter!

Brian and I were supposed to do our final Scuba training this weekend to get certified, but Brian got a bad cold and couldn’t do it, and with all of my health issues, I had to get my doctor to sign off, and he did not think it was a good idea at this point in time. I was upset, but agreed, as I was wondering if there could be any issues in doing it. I just wish I had known that before I did the 8 hours of studying and class work! Brian will do it in two weeks and should then be a certified Scuba diver!

Made homemade pizza with so many good toppings. Since I don’t really eat dairy, Carrie recommended I put hummus on top, as when cheese is melted, it’s a similar consistency. It was actually pretty good! Now, it’s not the same, but a tasty substitute. And the homemade hummus recipe I’ve used in the past is THE BEST! (Recipe here if you’re interested)

I’ve been reading a great book called Love Kindness by Barry Corey (Biola University’s President). I am really enjoying his stories, his humility, and his ideas about how to show kindness to those around you. Although, I’m not always good at putting it into practice, I’m trying!

The main thing that took up my time this week was researching and booking and finding deals for our Barcelona trip! We’re heading out in a month, and I’m really looking forward to it! Brian hasn’t left Cuba for over 6 months, and it’s been a few for me, so it will be nice to see some different scenery (although I’m NOT looking forward to leaving the 80 degree weather! I don’t want to wear a sweater…)

On Friday, Gail and Christie come to visit! I’m so excited! It will be great fun to see them here and show them around.

Little C’s: Jado and Clemmy both have been getting in trouble in the garden. They have been having fun pouncing around in my plants, which I do not appreciate. There is a picture of Jado caught with his dirty paws and nose! He was quite the mess. They’ve been pretty cute this week, and Clemmy has been talking a lot more and hanging upside down, more regularly. Clemmy has also acquiesced to being held and we’re finally able to take some cute pictures of him. He discovered his love of climbing recently and has been having fun in the tree in the backyard. I always knew my little friends would be tree climbers like me! I put up some Valentine’s day decorations hanging in the window and Jado was very concerned as to why there was something up there!



2 thoughts on “Week 5 & 6

  1. Have you tried Vegan cheese for pizza? Not bad really. The weather and view look lovely. I love your boat crafts. I pray for your health and am excited you are going to Barcelona Spain. My mom’s family is originally from there. I hear it is more of a French-Spaniard dialect, (whatever that means). I enjoy your updates and thought you should know. Blessings always~The fab 4 wanta be 5th.:)


    1. Thanks, Marla! I have had vegan cheese before and like the Daiya brand. Unfortunately, they don’t have any here, so for now, no cheese (or just very little bits for a treat!). Glad you like the blog!


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