Week 7

Week 7 Collage


A little late this week, but we’ve had visitors! Always nice to have friends come and experience our life here. Gail and Christie are my good friends from college, and I was so excited that they got to visit us!


  • Boating with Christie and Gail — well, maybe not a highlight, but definitely a memory! We lost both of the anchors. The front one wasn’t connected to the boat, so when Christie threw it out, it just kept going! The water was really choppy and pushing us into shore, and the anchor that Gail had thrown out from the back was the secondary anchor which isn’t normally connected, and we didn’t want her fingers to get stuck in it while the other anchor was flailing around, so let go of that one too. Brian and I have to go back when the water is calmer to see if we can find the anchors. The wind here has been pretty strong the past few weeks, and it makes the water so choppy (and not clear, so even with a snorkel, Brian wasn’t able to see the anchors in the water). I love going on the boat and out on the water, but it seems like every time, we’ve had some mishap. The water in the afternoon is pretty choppy, so it makes it a little rough for a small boat to go out on Guantanamo Bay, especially if you’re not a master boats-woman.
  • BBQ at the beach with friends — we wanted to introduce our friends to our GTMO friends, so we hosted a BBQ at the beach. It was a nice day out, although a little windy, and it was fun to all hang out.
  • Computer Science class — two of my students had their first quiz, since we’ve completed our hardware, data center, and Internet section. They did great! I am so proud of their hard work, and excited to see them learn. I’m having fun learning more as well with them. We’re going to be moving onto more programming, as one of my student’s goals is to learn how to make a website.
  • Goodbye party for National Guard friend — So sad to see her go, even though I didn’t know her for very long. The thing about GTMO is that you make friends quickly and then they leave. The day before she left, we went to the beach to search for Sea Glass and I talked with her about military life and how I thought from my perspective, being an Apple employee, and having innovation and improvement such a huge focus of mine, it would be really hard to be in the military. She’s like-minded in questioning, making things better, and pushing for the best solution, and this has caused her some difficulties in her career, as it seems like the military is more about orders and protocol and doing what you’re supposed to/standard procedures versus thinking outside of the box. It was good for me to hear from her that there are people pushing for these types of changes! I learned a lot from her about the National Guard, what they do, why they’re deployed, etc. Also, an interesting thing was that for her goodbye party, someone sent a text an hour before “hey, come if you can to hang out and say goodbye!” and 10 people showed up. Welcome to GTMO. Community is important here. We value the people in our “tribe”, and we will quickly move things around to be there for one another. I love that about being here.
  • Garage sale-ing — There were a few large multi-family garage sales over the weekend. Christie and Gail and I went scouting them out for some good deals on baby items for Christie. It was quite a successful hunt! Since she lives in Jacksonville, we had to find things that would fit in a box or large suitcase so she can take them with her, and hopefully they will all fit. Garage sales are a great way to get gently-used items here on base/island, and kids items, which are normally pricey in stores, can be found for great deals here!
  •  Got to make a Valentine’s Day gift basket for a soldier here. His wife contacted me and asked if I could pull something together. Fun to be able to surprise him with a gift while he’s overseas serving, and for me to feel helpful and be able to bless them.  I also made some chocolate covered strawberries for Brian and some of our church friends who don’t have families here with them.


The Little C’s: We might be nuts, but Brian and I wrote a song for Jado, as he was sitting and we were playing music. Those of you who are Future of Forestry fans may recognize the melody.







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