Week 13 of 2014

Week 13 Collage

This week continued our visit with Brian’s parents. We haven’t seen them in about a year, so it was great to have them here with us. I took them to all of the beaches throughout the week. They liked our secret spot at Girl Scout beach the best. We weren’t at the beaches too much, just trying to stay out of the sun for Kerry’s fair skin.

Brian worked most of the days, but took a few hours off here and there. We took them out to eat for lunch at the bowling alley and then Brian and Kerry enjoyed bowling. Found out that Kerry did bowling as a sport growing up, and she creamed Brian. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of the scorecard, but there were two witnesses watching.

They enjoyed just taking time in their hotel reading and relaxing, as Kerry’s job is very busy. It was a good way for us to have them here as well, since we had just come back from a busy trip.

We took them out to the Windjammer restaurant, although we were hoping to take them to the Bayview (but, as I learned, that’s only open Thursday evening – Sunday brunch). I have lived here for a year and haven’t gone to either of those restaurants, as I had heard the food wasn’t that great, or if it was, it was really expensive. The food was actually pretty good that I got, although everyone else’s was just okay. I was glad to have found a place that was able to make “safe” food for me to eat.
Funny thing happened though – the first night we were going to go out to eat, I found out that the Bayview wasn’t open except weekends. So we tried to go to the Windjammer. Then we got there, and there was a sign in front that said it was closed. I think Brian’s parents were surprised that they didn’t have it on their website or phone (what website?! ha). So we decided to go back the next night and it was fine. However, we explained that being flexible here is really important, because things like that happen all the time. I think it’s good for me to have learned that while being here, because I’m not a very flexible person. Thankfully, everything is only a 5 to 10 minute drive around here, so you don’t waste that much time anyways if something is closed.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go on one of the boats, because the marina is closed on Wednesday (more flexibility required!). I didn’t know they had any days closed. Apparently, I have gone on a boat/kayak/paddle board EVERY day except Wednesday, so I didn’t know this. This was the last day they were here (and Brian and I had been planning for months that we’d take them on Wednesday, so we didn’t have another day to try). It was okay though, as we had fun playing board games, and just enjoying the time around. I took them up to the windmill area to get a good view, and I think they really enjoyed that.

Brian enjoyed going fishing with his dad, the master fisherman. He caught a small fish, but it wasn’t big enough, so he had to throw it back. I give up fishing here. We have had NO luck! Anyone who catches something around here, feel free to bring us some of your catch!

We celebrated Brian’s birthday with a homemade gluten-free Boston cream pie. I have never eaten that before, and it turned out pretty well! Brian said it tasted a little different, but was still good. I’m glad it turned out okay!

After their visit, we enjoyed a few busy days preparing for Easter service. Brian and I were leading worship, so had practice, which was nice to get back together with the band! Brian enjoyed attending the early sunrise service, but I was not feeling well for most of the week, so just took it easy and slept in until the 1100 service. We enjoyed some lunch with a band-member family down the street from us, and were grateful for their hospitality. In the evening, we got together with some RQ friends, and the kids did an easter egg hunt, with our Easter dinner potluck. It was a great way to spend Easter, celebrating the risen Lord! (Picture of the kids hunting for eggs is in next week’s collage)

In Brian’s office area, they’re expanding, and so they have been working on cutting some of the shipping containers and getting them ready for the container office expansion. It’s pretty neat to see how they can use the containers to build! My dad has always wanted to do that, and so I enjoyed taking a few pictures and watching the work.

Our cats were super happy for us to return and loved that we were back to cuddle. They did pretty well having the “grandparents” visit and Jado let Kerry hold him. They’ve been happy that we’re back so they can go outside too (ulterior motives for the cuddles…). Here is their birdwatching adventure video from this week — they were inside and the bird was outside; I think they wanted to hunt!






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