Week 15 of 2018

Week 15 Collage

Got to spend the week with my mom enjoying the beach and warm weather. We had a great time showing her the island, hanging out, sitting at the beach, and chatting. My mom is very servant-hearted, and even on her vacation, helps clean and cook. She had a blast enjoying the warm weather and spending time with us. She and I did a lot of fun things, while taking it easy, which was nice for me!
We went to visit many of the beaches, although didn’t swim at all of them, but we drove past them all on the Leeward side of the island. We took a nice long hike on Ridgeline, which was beautiful, but SO hot. Wow, it heats up really quickly here in a month. From February to April, the weather has changed and gotten quite a bit warmed. When the Cooxes were here to visit, I think we had a low evening temperature of 67, which was freezing for us! That was two weeks ago. I’ve never seen it that low. Of course when my mom and I were hiking it was the hottest day of the year so far, with a heat index of 105 (probably was about 89 degrees or so, but in the sun it’s really intense and without wind (which it’s not very windy in the morning) they said the heat index was 105).

We got to go watch Brian play in his playoff soccer game, went bowling, went on a long bike ride toward the Cuban gate, and then of course did a lot of swimming, lounging at the beach, collecting shells, and boating! We took the boat to Forte Conde and found some great shells over there. In the morning, there isn’t much wind, so it was a nice smooth ride, compared to the other boating adventures that we’ve had recently… Brian joined us for an hour or so on the boat, and then mom and I headed to another beach on the boat to snorkel. So many good fish! Since the weather has warmed up, the water also is a little warmer which made it pretty comfortable to go swimming in. Note to self though — not only is littering bad for the environment, when you leave plastic bags in the ocean, they look like jellyfish, and freak people out! There ARE jellyfish in the water here, and we saw a few, but not many. However, in the past there have been tons in the water, and so I’m a little worried about running into them when I have my head under the water snorkeling. Please make sure you don’t thrown any plastic bags into the water!
The last day she was here we also went to the Arts & Crafts center to paint some pottery. It was so fun! I wish that I had done that more here in the past. We had a great time, with me picking a pineapple dish to paint, and mom painting a little mushroom bird feeder/sponge holder.

After my mom left, we had a busy weekend, since it was Customer Appreciation weekend at the NEX (Navy Exchange — basically our Walmart/grocery store). They brought in all sorts of celebrity personalities, from bands to chefs, medal of honor guests, and BMX bikers! I really enjoyed watching the bikers, as that was something different!

We also had a big party at the Man Camp for the April birthdays. There was a sign with Brian’s name on it, which was fun, and this time, we gave them gluten-free soy-sauce to make the food with! So much good Filipino food that was gluten-free…well, hopefully, we’re not quite sure if there was teriyaki sauce on something, or if it was homemade, with the GF soy sauce. So, I took quite a few of my “anti-gluten” enzyme pills, just in case to be safe. But yum, such a treat.
After our time there, we went to the outdoor movie theater to see “I Can Only Imagine”, the movie based on the true story about the MercyMe song. It was so good, yet so sad! Ahh, such a great story about redemption, and about following your dreams. Definitely made me think. I loved the music, and love the music scene. Would love to do IT or music writing/playing/singing/audio engineering inside that industry one day.

Thought this was a great link to share about our home — 12 facts you don’t know about Guantanamo

The other big thing that happened this week was talking with the doctor, my boss, and HR at Apple. Good grief, it is HARD work to be sick. So many phone calls, meetings, new meds to start and get, etc. Good and bad. Doc has a good plan for me, so I most likely will be leaving GMTO in the end of April. My medical leave is expiring so I’ve been working with the doctor to get me fit to be able to go back to work, and since my boss is willing to let me ramp back up, I will start with a few hours a week and see how it goes. I am sad to leave GTMO and all the friends I have made here. It’s been quite the experience. I am excited to go back to my job and continue to develop professionally, even though it will be hard to leave. Brian will stay in Cuba, so we will go back and forth for awhile, until we figure out the next step to where God is leading us. Please pray for us as we have many details to get worked out and for me to find a place to live in Silicon Valley close to work.

One video of our home and the beautiful Bay (riding back on the ferry from the airport after dropping off my mom):


The Little C’s: Jado and Clemmy have been enjoying the balloons left over from Brian’s party. Jado has been practicing his soccer and volleyball skills and is getting quite good! At the end of the video, both of us get a surprise!



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