Week 20 of 2018

* I’m quite a few weeks behind, but am going to try to catch up this week (have the blogs written, but just need to finish the pictures). Figured people want to know how the first week of work went, so will start current, and head backwards. *

Week 20 Collage.jpg

First week back in the Bay Area!

Wow, I forgot how busy it is here. I mean, I knew it was busy, but I’ve lived on an island. I went back to work for 4 hours in the office, and it took 1.5 hours to drive down, and 2 hours to come home. Fun. Long day, just due to traffic. Thankfully, I will only have to do that two more times, before I move a lot closer to work.
The pace of things is just fast again. There’s so much to do, and especially with moving, there’s a lot to catch up on (and I had packed for the 2-3 weeks before I left, and then had visitors the whole month before, and then traveling before that…so I’m a little behind on all of the regular life stuff!).
I’m learning to trust God in the things that need to get done and give them over to him. I still have to work diligently on it, but can release some of the stress.


Great things this week:

  • Had an IV of glutathione and some other detox-type meds with the doctor and it made me feel great! I’m so hopeful that this doctor is going to be able to get me back to normal. I didn’t even think about the IV until later in the afternoon when I had a lot of energy and was really happy, and just enjoying life. Seemed like my spunk came back to me! So I’m looking forward to doing more of those to help my body recover.
  • Met with my (new) manager in the office and enjoyed meeting all the new people on our larger team that were in the office. Much of my team is remote, and I have worked with a few of them before, so was able to chat with them online, and will have a lot more communication in the next few weeks, as I’m ramping up slowly back to work. I’m really grateful, as I’m pretty tired with all the regular moving stuff, and then just on top of the health challenges. It’s wonderful to be able to slowly ease in to work so that I’m not overwhelmed and so my body doesn’t just crash after having such a calm life the past few months (well, sorta…I’m an achiever, it’s hard to be calm…)
  • Enjoyed spending time with friends and meeting new friends at a Women Impacting the Marketplace event hosted by my Apple Christian Fellowship co-chair, Kyla. Very neat to be back in the Bay Area where there are all sorts of ideas flowing, and women who are working to change culture for good here.
  • Checked on my house in Livermore and it’s still standing! The new tenants are very nice, and I really enjoyed meeting them. Had a few minor things to fix, and learned how to replace an LED can light (much more expensive than a regular light bulb!), and the garden needs some upkeep, so I’ll be over a few more times to get it back to looking really nice. The benefit of going over there is that the herbs are growing very well in the box, so each time I go, I’m able to take some for my cooking! Woohoo.
  • I realized how much I love being outside and digging in the dirt, being active. (Especially after having that glutathione and the other IVs, I’ve had lots of energy to be active!). I found a basketball at the park the other day and started taking some shots. Hey, I’m not very good, but I was having so much fun with myself playing. I have taken quite a few walks at night as well, which we did NOT do in Cuba, because that’s when the bugs are the worst. So I’ve definitely been relishing the outside evening time, even though it’s been quite cold! It’s been 50-70s here, which is a little cold for this time of the year here, but it seems very cold to me! I realized the other day when it was pretty warm and I had been working outside, that I didn’t even turn on the air conditioning in my car. I then thought about it, and thought, “it’s not really that hot…I don’t even have sweat dripping down me! Definitely don’t need air conditioning!” haha, Oh Cuba.
  • Thank God, I did NOT run out of gas, but was SO close. Normally Brian gets gas in the car, as I really didn’t drive much in Cuba at all. Now I have to remember, especially when driving so much! ha!

I miss GTMO, my friends there, Brian, and my kitties, but I’m also energized to be in an area like SF where there are so many people actively trying to make an impact here in so many different areas. I’m excited to get back into work and learn about CDN and networking. Lots of good things ahead.

The Little C’s are being well taken care of by our friends. The neighbor kids went to go visit them and sent me cute pictures! Yay! Brian is now back with them, and they were SO happy to see him. They just keep cuddling with him and talking to him.



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