Week 21 of 2018

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So we’re back at the long-distance relationship for a little while. Brian is now back in Cuba, and I’m in the Bay Area until we figure out how to be back in the same place again!  Feels like a long time already, even though it’s only been a little over 2 weeks. We did long distance throughout my grad school program, while we were dating and engaged, and then for a few months last year when Brian was in San Diego and first went to Cuba. We had such a nice time in Cuba together, that it’s been sad to be apart! But it’s just a way that we get to learn how to love in a different manner through this time. We’re in a waiting season right now to determine which location we’ll be at with Brian’s company and how I’ll be able to flex at work to accommodate.

For me, the week was filled with a church BBQ/baptism celebration, work, spending time with friends, gardening, and visiting some model homes.
I figured I might as well do things that Brian doesn’t prefer doing, while I’m by myself. I did a little bit of thrift store clothes shopping on the weekend (and found 4 amazing shirts (Banana Republic and Loft), and jeans and heels, for $40; I love a good deal!), and then really enjoyed myself by visiting some pretty fancy model homes in the Dublin area. My dad is a general contractor/Real Estate investor and has done/does a lot of house flipping. When I was younger, my mom and I loved checking out all the new model homes that would come out, so we’d visit and get ideas for how to help Dad design inside (and he has a pretty good eye too).
When people look at me funny in Home Depot (because there aren’t many females there who know where they’re supposed to look for something), I want to tell them that I basically lived there growing up, looking for lamps, and flooring, and all the other items for fixing up homes. (Well, living there, and the escrow office; I think in a few years my dad flipped over 100 homes, and I got to go to almost every, single, signing of the escrow docs….I liked Home Depot better!!)

Work has been going well. I’m on a networking team, so I have been re-learning and learning a lot of technical terms and troubleshooting of networks. When I taught my CS students this past year about the Internet and how things are connected, I realized how much I loved the topic, so that helped me in deciding to return to my team. I have been working 12 hours (total) the past two weeks, and the next two will ramp up to 24 hours (which seems like a lot!). I still have doctor appointments, and dealing with insurance, and need time to rest and take it easy and sleep a lot, so it’s been very beneficial health-wise to not have to be back full time yet. I don’t think I could have returned, if full time was the requirement, so am very grateful to ease back in. I have really been enjoying my team, as they’re just brilliant and helpful people. Happy to be back. Except not happy for the 1 hour in the morning, 2 hours in the evening commute. Good thing I’m only in the office once a week while staying in Pleasanton. Next week will be 2 days in the office, so until I move down June 1, it will be a rough two days of driving!

I have been also working in my free time on my garden at our house in Livermore! Even though I’m not living there (still staying with friends in Pleasanton, and will move to my new room in Cupertino in June), it’s been so great to be back at the house and work in the yard. I love seeing the progress, even though it’s hard work. I miss having a house and all the fun of customizing and pride of ownership that comes with it. (I guess I still have the pride of it, since I’m going over and getting the yard looking nice!)
While we’ve been gone the past 1.5 years, the plants have really flourished. The herb box has done great, and I’m hoping that the lemon and orange tree continue to come back to life well, as they were looking a little poor, but have been doing better since I’ve been tending to them. We had tenants a bit ago that didn’t take much care of the yard, so there have been a lot of weeds to remove. The side fence was also replaced this week, and it looks amazing! (I was concerned the other fence was seriously going to fall over on someone, it was so bad…). We have a raspberry bush and it’s been producing fruit, so that’s been fun to eat a few of those each time I’m over, and the rosemary, thyme, and sage are huge, so have been cutting some every week to use for cooking. The tenants are very kind and I have been having a good time enjoying getting to know the woman (her English is not very good, so we try to talk here and there, and it’s been fun!).

Oh! One of the other really fun things I did was go on a really long walk with my friend Rachel’s kids. I just took the kids so she could have a break, and we went on a 3 mile walk (while the daughter rode her bike; she’s 4!). I was so impressed with how energetic kids are. My legs were sore the next day. So nice to be able to walk and not have bugs all over in the evening, but it’s been so cold here all day until about 4pm, when it warms up to maybe 70. It’s been 55 to 60 during the day, and then over the weekend, it was 85! What a jump! I loved the warm weather over the weekend, as I’ve been freezing. I miss my Cuban beach time, and the sun so much!

I’m still doing my CS classes, and have about 2 more weeks to go. Good thing for Google Hangouts, as we’re now really having a lot of fun with the older kids working on creating an HTML website. I love to see how excited they are when their code works, and to see the way that they quickly are able to troubleshoot and solve the problems. It’s been great for me to learn HTML better (like really know it!), and to see them enjoy the class.

One bad thing this week — I forgot to do my Duolingo Chinese! Brian and I have been on a streak, and I was 134 days in a row in! Brian lost his a week ago or so, due to an error in the app, but I just was tired one night and forgot! One of the good things about Brian and I both doing it was that we’d ask each other before we fell asleep “did you do your Chinese?”. Occasionally, one of us would have forgotten and would get up and go do it to ensure we kept learning. But now, he’s not there to remind me. Boo, I was so sad. But oh well, I’m back at a few days in now and will keep going, as I’m starting to get the hang of it! It’s been a fun challenge.

The Little C’s:
Clemmy loves having Brian all to himself. He does his little pawing/massaging on Brian’s tummy to show how extremely happy he is, and he purrs and cuddles a lot. Brian will say, “I got a lot of Clemmy Purrs today”. Haha. Apparently, Clemmy just wanted me to leave so he could get dad all to himself. I miss all of them (the big fluffy guy too!).



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