Week 23 of 2018

Week 23 Collage.jpgCatching up with friends, doctor visits, work, final CS class, and a rodeo were what composed this week!

  • Fun highlights:
    Going to the rodeo to celebrate Rachel’s birthday. Her daughter, LOVED going on the jumpy trampoline where you can bounce up high in the air and try to flip (you’re hooked in by ropes). I wanted to do it. A few years ago for our work summer party, we had them, and it was SO fun. The kids were less impressed with the rodeo part, but I still thought it was fun, despite being cold.
  • S’mores and hot-tubbing with Monica and Eliott. So good to spend time with sweet friends that I’ve known for awhile (Monica and I were both interns at Apple the same year, and went through the ITDP program). Crazy to think interning was 5 years ago! They have a beautiful new house that they’re fixing up, and I love the fact that they have a hot tub and fire pit. Many more hangouts at their house to come!
  • Lunch and Tea with Tepper MBA friends. Fun to re-connect, and always super interesting to meet up with other MBAs — there’s just something about us that click! Fun to see what they’re off doing in their corners of the world. We generally are the people who are over-achievers in everything – from exercise, to personal goals, to work. Yeah, we’re nuts.
  • Not necessarily fun, but focused around community: Celebrated the life of Janice Mickelson, one of my friend’s mom, and I also know her husband. I didn’t know Jan, but have been in Sunday school with Ron, and was in a small group for awhile with Kim. Ron is a part of the older-folks Sunday school class, and I have enjoyed being a part of that group; like having all of these grandparents to watch over me! It was sad to say goodbye to Jan, but knowing that she is such a better state now is good!
  • (And no, I did not go to Chuck E Cheese’s, but apparently Siri thought that was the next place on my agenda to go to!)

Work highlights:
Well, can’t talk about much work stuff, but here are a few:

  • My two intern buddies started this week. Basically, it means that I get to help them with the questions they are too embarrassed to ask anyone else, and to really be there to support them as they work on their summer projects. I was very excited to meet and talk with both of them. I hope it will be a great summer for them.
  • Went to dinner at BJ’s with a few people from my team. 1) OMG, I forgot what PIZZA tasted like! Their GF pizza was AMAZING. Thank you, America. It’s probably been 4 years since I had GF pizza. So yeah, I ate the whole thing. But I didn’t get a pizookie. I’ll have to go back. Maybe for my birthday (Just about a month away from 30!). 2) It was great to spend time with the guys on my team and get to know them more. It was fun. I really like this team. The people are down to earth, and friendly. They’re still your typical nerds, so we talked about Star Wars, memes, and movies for a bit, but for the most part we talked about work (which was helpful for me to get a feel of who does what), and just chatted. I’m blessing to already feel connected decently well to them, after only being back for 1 month. I hope to be able to go deeper in relationships, past just the surface stuff, and I’m praying that will be something people on the team are open to as well.
  • We are doing a fitness challenge through the Loseit! app. I am really enjoying it, although it’s challenging to put in every food you eat. I realized I eat a lot more calories than I thought I did, so even though I eat pretty healthy, eating too much isn’t good! It’s been fun to do with other people, and helps me not just mindlessly eat.
  • Working from home/Starbucks has been great. It allows me to take breaks when I need, go to doctor appointments, and then still get a little bit of work done an hour here and an hour there. Thankfully, I work very well in this manner; I know not everyone can. (Perks of being a #homeschooler!). I’ve enjoyed being back and finding some good treats (but watching calories means I actually realize how much is in treats!)

Been doing lots of thinking and praying, and re-thinking, and getting frustrated, and praying again about what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, career-wise, location-wise, etc. Brian and I still are in the midst of figuring his job/my job/life out, and so we would appreciate your prayers (and insight!). I miss my baby cats, and my buddy, and am excited to see Brian when he comes to visit here in July for my birthday! I’m pretty exhausted as my new house is noisy (super thin walls), and haven’t been sleeping well anyways.

Praying for strength, physically, and mentally: Ephesians 3:16-17

“I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith”


The Little C’s:
The poor guys are slowly adjusting to their new home (Brian had to move, since I wasn’t there any more, so he’s living with another RQ guy). The cats don’t like the other guy — well, Clemmy might. He gave him a kiss the other day (see picture in the collage)! Jado is very worried about his new home, but is getting more used to it. Unfortunately, their beds are in the laundry room — did NOT like the laundry running, so Jado went into hiding — UNDER the sink inside the cabinet. Smart and tricky cat.

Video of Clemmy hiccups below:



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