Week 24 of 2018

Week 24 Collage.jpg

Wow, the weeks are just flying by! That’s good, because it means that I’ll get to see Brian soon! He’s coming out in July to celebrate my birthday, which is less than 1 month away.

A busy week meeting with people, networking, and having fun, as well as lots of good work happening. One of the activities that I’ve been enjoying is having access to working in my garden at the house in Livermore. Although I was very physically tired this week and not feeling well, I knew that my brain needed the mental break, and it definitely refreshed me, although my legs were a little sore the next day from squatting down to pick out all the weeds. It’s coming along, but wow does it go crazy when weeds aren’t dealt with for a year or so!

One of my favorite events this week was getting to see a Friends and Family Screening of the Incredibles 2 at Pixar! Got to meet up with Graham (who works at Pixar) and Gerald, who were both a part of the Business & Technology board with me at Tepper in grad school. Always so great to see these wonderful friends who have shared so much of life during that period of time with me.
This event exemplifies why I like living in the Bay Area. At the end of the movie, everyone stayed to watch the credits. Their names were in the credits. As their name came up, their friends and family cheered and clapped for them, for all the great work that they did helping to produce the movie. It just really made me think, “wow, this is what we do here in Silicon Valley. We create stuff and we send it all over the world to billions of people”. Crazy to think of the impact. And amazing to meet and work with these wonderful people who are creating these great products. Got to meet two of Graham’s friends who joined us, and that also was very typical Silicon Valley — you meet them and of course, they work at a Startup and also at Uber. Just fun to talk with people who are doing this type of work right now.

I also got to go to lunch at Netflix (their food is great!). Hadn’t ever been there before, and had a new friend reach out and so am continuing to expand and broaden my network of technical people. (I realized that most of my friends are NOT engineers, so talking about actual work stuff or comparing notes on things is hard because they’re in different situations now, even if they were technical before).
In the Summer, Silicon Valley is overrun with interns coming from all over the world. I think it’s fun, as it brings a liveliness to the place and a good amount of diversity. I have been excited to meet with my Apple Intern buddies, as well as a recent new MBA connection through InterVarsity from Harvard Business school. I love the Christian community, and how people are connected even through different schools and different backgrounds, through our love for God.
A few other connections with old friends throughout the week that blessed me, and helped put perspective to life. As always, so good to be connected with people.
A super fun thing was to be reconnected with one of my old coworkers from Biola. He was the one who taught me all of my Linux knowledge, and is a great SysAdmin. He’s always learning and super interesting to talk with. He was in SF for DockerCon and so I went to meet him and his wife for dinner. So wonderful to connect with Biola people. There is just something different about that community of people who are a part of it, and I’m super excited that he’s going back to Talbot there to further education. We went to dinner in downtown by the Yerba Buena Center at Tropisueno. The mexican food was SO good! I haven’t had mexican in a long time (besides Chipotle, but this was different). Shrimp with avocado cream sauce and fresh chips and salsa. It was amazing. But now I’m wondering if I got gluten-poisoning because of how I felt over the weekend. Could have been that, or could be all the detox IVs they’re doing for the Lyme. Anyways, going to the city is not my favorite thing to do. Restaurants are expensive, and although the food is good, finding parking is a nightmare, traffic is awful, and there are more homeless than normal people. I am glad I don’t live in the city, at least that part. I like the suburbs of Silicon Valley (or East Bay, Pleasanton Livermore the best). (The picture of the lady with the muscles was a graffiti wall in SF; I thought it was cool).

Because of all of the people time throughout the week, I barely talked to ANYONE on the weekend, which was good, because I felt so sick and probably nothing out of my mouth would have made much sense. Haven’t been sleeping well, and I think all of the Lyme detox is affecting my brain and my body. Praying that it will get better sooner rather than later! Definitely hard to work in this state where it’s hard to think, but God has been gracious that most of the days I have had a lot of work to do, I have mentally been okay at thinking clearly.

Other notable things:
Got my first Imperfect Produce box! So neat to try out, and the price for organic veggies are definitely a good amount cheaper than at Sprouts (and way cheaper than normal veggies at Safeway). The things I got this week weren’t even that weird. Must have just been surplus items. So excited to have farm-fresh organic veggies show up at my door!

Spending a lot of time on my own learning and reading. Since Brian isn’t here after work ends, I have been reading through the CCNA networking study guide (I know, right, sounds like fun?). It’s been really good information thus far, and has already helped me troubleshoot things at work. I like learning. I just feel like there’s so much to learn! One of my mentors at work told me to slow down; I’m still new, and there’s time to learn. Go deep, rather than wide, he said. This was important for me to hear, as being a PM, it’s important to be wide. Being a technical engineer, it’s important to be deep. Practicing depth.


The Little C’s:

They are having a rough time with Dad by himself…Lot’s of misbehaving! Jado has figured out how to jump on the top of the cabinets in the kitchen, and Clemmy has learned that he is now only happy when sitting on the bed. Clemmy also loves to jump the fence almost every time he goes outside. Sounds like things are getting a little soft over there. So, we now know who the disciplinary person in the family is…(I mean, come on, we already knew, haha!)


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