Week 25 of 2018

Week 25 Collage.jpg

This was definitely what I needed this week. A break from Silicon Valley and full-time tech learning, and time to be in nature, eat great food, do what I love, get a massage, and see family.

I went to San Diego for Amanda Hong’s wedding.  The Hongs are family friends of ours and I think I have known Amanda since she was 5 years old! So neat to be able to celebrate, and my parents and Emily and David came out as well, so it was great to be with them. They got married on our anniversary too, so that was a special memory. We celebrated our 4th anniversary on June 21. Wow, can’t believe it’s been 4 years, but at the same time it has been a long journey. This past year was definitely the best that we’ve had and we feel a lot more like a team now than when we started 4 years ago. Brian got me this beautiful flower to keep in my office (it’s fake, so I can’t kill it and can keep it forever). He’s so thoughtful in the anniversary gifts that he gives me, and practical as well. This year was fruits and flowers, and I love the flower plant. I had one of our friends in Cuba make a fruit basket bouquet for him and they left it on his desk for when he got to work in the morning.

In San Diego, I got to help set up the flowers at the wedding and had a BALL helping with it. I wanted to be a florist or a musician when I was little, and I really love doing flowers as it’s just so relaxing, and they need to be perfect, so it scratches that itch to make it look “juuuust right”.

My parents were only in town for a very short time, as originally they didn’t know that Emily and I were going to be there. So I stayed at the Cooxes’ house by myself since they weren’t there that weekend, and it was weird to be in San Diego without family, as that’s where I grew up and no one was there! Got to meet up with two of my wonderful friends there and just share life together; the ups and downs, goods and bads. Besides that though, San Diego didn’t really feel like home anymore, which was an interesting feeling. I mean, I haven’t lived there for almost 15 years now, so half my life I have lived else-where now.

Other fun things this week:

  • Good food — Casa De Bandini is my favorite restaurant (ooh, close tie to the Ali Baba’s mediterranean restaurant in Escondido) in North County San Diego. I drove out to the coast (Encinitas), as I had free time there by myself one evening, and walked around (found an Apple store!) and enjoyed the carne asada and shrimp tacos and salsa. We also found a gluten-free bakery that had chocolate ganache cupcakes! I went twice in 24 hours! ha! Emily is now GF too (all three sisters!), so I had to go back and take her to enjoy, as I don’t think she’s had that much great GF stuff in TN yet. Not in SD, but in SF area, I found out that there is a GF sandwich shop!! Well, it’s not all GF, but they have GF rolls and a separate area to prepare stuff. Ike’s Place in Cupertino and some other areas. Omg. Besides in Spain, I haven’t had a deli sandwich in 10 years. Dude, I’m in love now. I am loving being back in the US where you can go BUY GF food and not have to make everything that you want.
  • Explored San Diego with Emily and David. So fun to be with them. Emily and David have only been married a year, so I don’t know David that much and we had a great time hanging out (it helps that he’s a software engineer, and I’m like “FRIEND who speaks my language!!” Emily just kind of looks at us. Hey, when you have two sisters who are teachers, you’re the odd one out. So now, I get to have a brother-in-law who is a nerd too (well, all the guys are — Civil Engineer – Brian, Nuclear Engineer – Aaron, Software Engineer – David) , Hardware/Software/DevOps Engineer – Amanda, I finally fit!!). Went hiking in Torrey Pines, and it was super cloudy and gross June Gloom weather in San Diego, so that also didn’t help me with the “it feels like home” feeling. But good weather for hiking! And then went to Balboa Park and wandered around there and the botanical gardens. Pretty. Fun, but too cold for this Cuban girl.
  • Got a “grown up” hair cut, since I’m turning 30 soon. Figured I should probably look like it.
  • Got to visit Nonnie, who is like my grandma (she’s my mom’s Aunt, and she lived closer to us than my grandma growing up, so we did a lot more with her than we did with my grandma. She’s in an Alzheimer’s home in Escondido, and this time was probably the best I’ve seen her in the past two years, but still sad to see someone decline so much, when she was such a sharp and smart woman!


The Little C’s:

These guys. They’re so cute. I miss them and their cuddles!

Poor Clemmy. Getting beat up, by a pretending-to-be-nice Jado while Dad is watching.


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