Week 26 of 2018

Week 26.jpg

Wow, we’re halfway through the year! This is the start of July, which also means it’s my birthday month! Started off with a bang by going to the Spirit West Coast concert with Kent and Valerie and Angella, which was so fun! Some great artists, and a really fun time, although it seemed very loud to me. I’m getting old. I loved Taureen Wells and Danny Gokey (okay, I LOVE super poppy stuff!), MercyMe was fantastic which is no surprise, and Phil Wickham and Kari Jobe were fun to see, although not as interesting, performance-wise. A great way to celebrate the start of the birthday month.

It made me want to be a part of music again. I haven’t been playing piano/singing since I’ve been back to the US, and I miss it. I don’t want to be a performer though; I’d be happy being the backup band member, or running sound, or doing something in the music industry. When I was in junior high, I wanted to go to Nashville and be a musician/songwriter. (I didn’t do sound until later in life, but I wrote a lot of songs in high school). I think I almost like doing sound engineering better, because you get to be a part of the music without all the people watching you.


Exciting things this week:

  • My best friend, Christie, had her baby girl Neüa Evelina Dizzia this week! She’s doing great, and it was so fun to see Christie have this little one here in person now.
  • Lisa and Garrett, our great friends from Biola, came to visit SF, so I took them touring around the city. I was so looking forward to the Ghirardelli’s ice cream, but they said it wasn’t gluten-free as there’s a lot of cross contamination! I was so sad, but I saw a See’s candy as we were walking up so I told them I would go grab a few chocolates and come back while they were waiting for their sundaes. However, when I walked out, there was a CVS with ice cream there! 1/4 the price of the sundae for more ice cream (which I shouldn’t have eaten that much anyways!), and at Ghirardelli’s they gave me fudge for free to put on top of it. Aww. Thankfully they know about allergies here in SF! I’m so glad. People ask if it’s an allergy and then are really careful. (On a side note, pictured are some new FANTASTIC GF crackers I found on Vitacost. I love ordering food online and having it show up at my door the next day #millennial (who lived in Cuba with 4-week shipping…))
  • Street taco mission trip fundraiser at church. I LOOOOOVE tacos. I don’t do that well eating corn, but I made an exception and thoroughly enjoyed these street tacos they had. There were a few students who hosted the fundraiser, and they did such a great job. I was so proud to see young people raising up and gathering support for projects that they are passionate about. Omg, I’m old.


This is the 8th week that Brian and I have been apart. But next week he will be here to visit!! We have been finding ways like reading together over the phone, face timing, sending videos or pictures back and forth and texts here and there throughout the day to keep us connected. One of my favorites was the good morning video I got this week from Brian and the kitties. (see below)

Doctor update: I’ve been taking a lot of herbs and supplements to kill off the Lyme and get them of my body. Also doing chelation to get the high levels of heavy metals that are in my body out, and all the toxins from the Lyme die off. I hope they’re all dying! It’s tiring. I had a pretty rough month, and my doctor visit this week was very encouraging. She knows what she’s doing and has seen this before, which was what I needed to hear to feel like I can trust her (last doctor was horrible, and I didn’t realize it until I had wasted so much time with them). She is telling me (like everyone else??) that I need to slow down, and pretend I have the flu, because she said my body feels like that’s what is going on. So going to try to slow down. Basically, go to work, come home and not much activity (good luck!). However, I CAN be good about trying to cut things out and keeping my stress level down, as that really affects healing, since my body is already so stressed because of the physical fight it’s putting up. Thank you for those of you who have been praying for me. The past two weeks have been good sleeping weeks, and I’m so grateful, as I can actually function and think a lot better.

In Cuba: Brian has been enjoying going to dinner (Mongolia food) each week with the guys from his bible study. Included is a picture of his men’s group. Glad he’s got good people to support him there!

He’s working on a few different projects that are wrapping up soon, which means he’ll be transitioning back to SF for a project they have out here in mid-September (tentatively — is anything NOT tentative right now in our life?!).

The fluffs are getting unruly, but I’m glad they’re with Brian, as he needs the company!

The Little C’s

They’re getting along okay without mommy, but they’re getting a little spoiled! Jado doesn’t like when the washer/dryer is running and that’s where their homes are. So being the smart cat he is, he knows how to open cabinets, so this week, Brian came home and found him in the cabinets! They have gotten super spoiled and are now getting to sleep or rest on the bed. Boy, will they be sad when they have to come live with me again. Miss my little guys, but am enjoying not having fur on me at all times, haha.



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