Week 27 of 2018

Week 27 Collage.jpg

Lots of work and play this week. Have been working on keeping my energy level in a good place, so a lot of rest. I started watching the British Baking Show for fun, and that’s been a good rest-time activity when I’m not working! A lot of driving, between doctor’s appointments, down and back from LA, and around the area.

The fun things included a 4th of July party at my friend Monica’s beautiful house, and traveling down to LA for Andrew and Katie’s wedding. Both were great times to hang out and get to know people, and catch up with friends. I know Monica from Apple, as we interned together and then came back full time. I haven’t really hung out with many other Apple people that I actually work with outside of work, so it was nice to spend time with her, and meet her husband’s co-workers who are also at Apple. Funny when you get a lot of Apple people together…just different type of conversations than my typical community or church friendships.
Brian got to enjoy 4th of July on a boat with some friends, and watch the grand fireworks display in GTMO. It really is one of the best we have seen.

I enjoyed (sarcasm) my long waits (multiple days!) at the DMV trying to get my license renewed. Being an efficiency guru, it’s horrendous. I haven’t had bad experiences in the past, as they’ve been pretty good, but this time was pretty bad. People were so slow. I don’t know why it takes 20 minutes to fill out an application on a touch-screen computer with your name and type of license you’re renewing, but the people in front of me were definitely able to do so. When you’re used to working with smart people, the lady at the front desk taking 30 seconds to staple your two papers together seems like forever. At least I don’t have to go back for another 4 years. They have to figure out how to do an eye test online or through a machine or something so I don’t ever have to go in again…

It was weird being back in LA. I drove, and it was not too bad going down, but coming back was long and boring. I hadn’t been to LA in awhile, and it was 114 degrees the day I drove down, which is record high! I do not like LA. It’s trafficy and so crowded, and lacks the beauty that’s in NorCal. I had a weird experience like this, disliking/not wanting to return and live there when I was in San Diego a few weeks ago too for the wedding down there, where it just didn’t feel like home anymore. However, when I went to drive through Irvine/Newport Beach area, I realized that’s what seemed like SoCal to me, and that’s the beautiful part that I love (and everyone else does too, by the $5M homes that are located there…darn, why do the nice places have to cost the most??)

Andrew’s wedding was great! Got to hang out with Blake and we missed Christie of the Fab-four, since she just had her baby the week before. These were friends from Biola and we have been good friends since, with lots of changes happening over our lives in the past 10 years since we graduated.

Also enjoyed seeing Lorraina and Erron, who are other Biola friends in LA, and Garrett and Lisa while they were back on furlough. Fun to be able to spend time with them twice in two weeks, in different cities, while they’re here in the US. Next week brings Brian, so looking forward to being back together!

Little C’s:

Not much for them this week, besides more escaping and running around!


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