Week 28 of 2018

Week 28 Collage

A little behind, due to vacation!

Not much interesting at the beginning of the week, besides some good work projects that I’m starting to get more comfortable with. Hurray!
One fun work thing was an ACF (Apple Christian Fellowship) networking event. A great way to meet people who work at Apple, as well as find some camaraderie.
I caught up with some old friends and colleagues via phone and packed my bags for Idaho. Brian flew in on Thursday evening, and we left Friday night for Idaho.
Unfortunately, I’ll always remember my 30th birthday, Friday, July 13th, as the year I gluten-poisoned myself! Last week, I had found some Tate’s Bakehouse cookies at Whole Foods. Someone had shipped them to us when we were in Cuba and we really enjoyed them. They have multiple types of gluten-free flavors, and when I ordered them online this week, there were 3 gluten-free flavors in the drop down menu, and apparently 1 regular, non-gluten-free flavor. I didn’t realize it wasn’t GF when ordering, and when they arrived at my doorstep (thank you Vitacost for 1 day shipping!) I promptly ate half the little bag. I didn’t eat lunch, because I was pretty full from the cookies, and later in the afternoon I was feeling pretty nauseated, but figured it was because I ate so much sugar and no lunch. I was hungry around 5pm when leaving the doctor and knew I was going to sit in traffic and not be home for a few hours, so I stopped by Starbucks and got a Caramel Frappe. So I had a TON of sugar that day, and knew it was a bad choice. I woke up the next day feeling like I had a really bad cold, with a sore throat, and feeling exhausted. My knees and elbows hurt so much and I thought that was strange. I had a hard time standing up getting out of bed, but figured that because last week was busy and I was a little stressed about getting extra hours of work in before Brian came so we could go on our trip, that stress plus the sugar must have done my body in. I proceeded to eat the rest of the cookies Thursday afternoon while doing some work, and then while on the phone with Brian, I happened to see the back of the bag and realize it said in the ingredients that it had barley flour in it. My brain started thinking, how could GF cookies have barley flour in them? That’s not a GF grain…and then I read the rest of the ingredients and saw that it said enriched wheat flour, and I almost started to cry. I ate a whole bag of non-GF cookies, the day before Brian was arriving, the day before my birthday, and right before we left on a week of vacation. I was so upset because I knew that in a few days I would feel awful, and already that afternoon I was starting to get a really bad headache and brain fog, and the join pain was getting worse!! Oh no. My sister had the brilliant idea for me to try to get a glutathione IV before I left for my trip so that it would help me detox. I have not used glutathione for gluten before (I have only been cross-contaminated by gluten before, and maybe once or twice actually eaten something with gluten in it, but never cookies, or anything so obviously not-gluten free!), but I have used it for the Lyme treatments and it really helps me feel better. Anyways, it did help, but I ate so much gluten that I knew my body was going to hate me for the next week. So sad.
The actual birthday was filled with some work, lunch at BJ’s with a friend (where they put anchovies on my pizza instead of artichokes — really? Anything else would have been fine, but even the pieces of tomatoes tasted super fishy, so I sent it back and had to wait even longer for the pizza), and yogurt land with another friend — well, we just had like 10 minutes, because we ended up taking it back to her house, and we had to rush off to catch our flight! I didn’t really want to fly on my birthday, because generally flying is filled with inefficiencies, and this time it definitely was. When you take off at the time you were supposed to land, I start getting frustrated. Oh well, we made it to Idaho okay, and it was so nice to be able to have Brian with me, that it made it fine.
It was great to see Brian’s parents and brother when we landed, and they had brought us sushi for dinner for the 2 hour drive back from Idaho Falls to Island Park, where their cabin is located. The cabin is on lakefront property (both of our parents have lakefront homes/vacation homes!! Lucky for us!!), and it is so quiet. Such a change from busy Silicon Valley and the noisy house that I live in. The scenery here is beautiful, and reminded me how much I love hearing the birds and seeing the little animals skitter around here and there.
We had a great time riding around on the boat, going in coves, looking for animals, and Brian got to go on the tube behind the boat, which was fun. I had fun taking pictures, and enjoying the calm, peaceful area.

Brian’s side:
Earlier in the week, before he left Cuba, he got to go to a special military ceremony. One of our friends from church is the Commander for the Marines in GTMO. He was leaving, so Brian was able to go to the “changing of the guard” ceremony (I don’t know what it’s called, but it was a special ceremony).

The Little C’s:
They had to go to the vet this year for their 1 year old shots. They’re a little older than 1, but this is when they got their shots last year, so needed to re-do some of them. Jado is 14.3 pounds, and Clemmy is over 15 pounds! Apparently, Daddy has been spoiling them too much. Too much food and not enough running around. Time for them to come back to Mommy to whip them into shape 🙂
They are getting a new housemate and playmate this week as the house where Brian lives currently houses one other guy. That guy’s family is coming for a few weeks, and it works out perfectly timing-wise with when Brian will be leaving. Apparently, the guy’s 10 year old daughter loves cats and is the cat-whisperer…well, we got the below picture, so it sure looks like Jado warmed up to her quickly! It’s a live video, and you can see her give him a kiss and him rub up next to her. So cute.


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