Week 30 of 2018


Week 30 collage.jpg

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of work and visitors, and trying to buy a car!

Brian was here for the first part of this week, and we enjoyed spending time with Monica and Elliot, as well as time with coworkers at the San Jose Giants (minor league) game. I hadn’t been to a minor league game in a long time, and I forgot how small of a stadium it is. Kind of nice to be so close to all the action on the field! Fun to chat with coworkers there who were a part of the intern and ITDP (rotation program) with me. Always fun to meet the new younger people who are coming into the program. They’re so young! #thisis30 #IGraduated10YearsAgo.

The rest of the week was pretty low-key and slow, with just work and rest. While Brian was here though, we test drove some cars, so over the weekend, I spent a lot of time researching and narrowing down what we wanted (Hyundai Sonata, newer than 2015, so it has Apple CarPlay in it), and then finding dealers who had it that I could go look at or test drive. Originally, I wanted to Hyundai Sante Fe, as I think it’d be nice for when we have kids in the future and are carting around more people/things. However, they don’t get great gas mileage, and Brian said we could get that for a second car when we need two cars in the future. For now, we’re going to try to do with one car, as we’ve basically done that our whole marriage, and it’s generally worked out well. I told him that the Tesla Model X (SUV-ish) gets great gas mileage, 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds, fits 7 people but is spacious, AND has the best safety features (Model X), but he didn’t go for that… he said once I’m a director at Apple I can get one of those. I’m trying! haha! Blake made me jealous of his a few weeks ago!

So we decided to look for the Hyundai Sonata, and found a really good deal on a new 2017 model that only had 14k miles on it, so I went to check it out. It seemed a little sketchy as it was listed on Craigslist and had a cell phone number, even though it said Sohail Auto Brokers as the seller. I called on Sunday morning, as I was heading up to church since it was on the way, and wanted to go visit it and see if the car was in good condition, since it was a bit lower than market price. As I am pulling into the parking lot, I just felt like it was really strange, as when I called, the guy said he would come over to meet me at his shop after he finished showering, as he’s not normally in on Sundays. So I pull up and it’s more of an office park, and I’m thinking I think this is just a one-off sale, and something’s up. I read through the CarFax report, and it says that it was stolen! Well, it actually wasn’t stolen by this guy — the vehicle had been stolen about 6 months ago, the police recaptured it, but by that time, insurance had already paid the money out to the owner, so the car went back to insurance. Hence probably the reason it had so low of miles for being almost 2 years old, as it had been just sitting here and there waiting for insurance to auction it off. Which is where the broker I met purchased it. So definitely not as sketchy as I first thought when I read it, but gave me quite a scare! This guy is just a small broker, only purchases about 5-10 cars at a time and keeps them in the little office park. I went to visit Sunday morning, and it was basically a brand new car. There were even pieces of it that still had the plastic on the buttons/compartments. I took my friend Dave down with me in the afternoon to negotiate. I was staying at their house for the weekend, since I had a doctor’s appointment the next morning and had gone up for church, so Dave and I had been talking about the car. He is a retired salesman and is great at negotiating! We planned our strategy as we drove down, and got the dealer to lower it by $1000. The next day, I went to visit another dealer, and that car was not in as nice of condition, same price originally, and more miles (but with the $1000 off from the small broker, this car was much more expensive). I did a pretty good job, and got them whittled down $500 by myself, and that was it; they let me walk and told me to go buy the other car, since I wasn’t going to find a better deal than that! Story continues next week! 🙂

Two other great things this week — I got a birthday box from my sister Kati. It was 30 things all wrapped up and having to do with 30. Such a clever idea and SO fun. It’s taking me awhile to get through and open them all!
Also, I finished making her baby shower present (a little late, but hey, he’s not coming for another 6 weeks), and it turned out so well! I have been working on cross stitching a Winnie the Pooh for her nursery. Her theme is Winnie the Pooh, and when we were younger, we did a lot of cross stitching. I finished a Piglet and Tigger when I was in high school, but hadn’t finished the Pooh. I found it while packing for Cuba and took it with me, but never did it. I guess I thought that since I’d be back in Silicon Valley by myself, I’d have time to do it, so packed it, and then she told me that her theme was Winnie the Pooh! So I’ve been rushing to finish it, and it’s finally done. Love it! Too bad I don’t have the Tigger and Piglet ones anymore. They may be packed up somewhere, in our garage in Livermore…oh what an fun time that will be once we unpack, wherever we are.

I’ve been working on learning more about networking, both at work, and at home on my own studying for the CCNA (at least to learn all of the info needed for it). Been doing more meetings about finance and how our CDN works, and it’s awesome to read about something on my own, and then have it come up in a meeting and understand it! Hurray for learning. I’m so glad that I can read and learn.

Learning to rest more, and after a busy week, got a massage, and took a leisurely stroll through Sprouts and got some new sunglasses at TJ Maxx. Nice to have some time to not hurry. “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life, for hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our world today.” — Dallas Willard (I’m reading The Life You’ve Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary people, by John Ortberg, and he quoted this. Trying to practice less hurry in my life).

When Brian returned to his place in Cuba, his roommate’s family was visiting (they’re the ones who were going to play with and keep the cats company. This meant though that Brian had to stay in the hotel there until he had his room back. Apparently the cats didn’t like the daughter — I think she was TOO cuddly with them, haha. I didn’t know that was possible for Jado. Needless to say, Brian had the nice view from his hotel room, overlooking Guantanamo Bay, but missed being at home with the cats.

Little C’s:
Little C’s were SO happy to see Brian home. They wouldn’t stop talking to him and rubbing up against him. So cute. Brian likes to make videos and send them to me, or FaceTime with me so I can see the little guys. I can’t wait to see them (all)!

Make sure the sounds is on:

I love his little jump, when Brian tells him that he’s going to get to see me soon! Clemmy doesn’t normally talk that much, so he must really be missing me!


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