Week 31 of 2018

Week 31 collage.jpg

And my dear friends, history was made this week, and I was a part of making it happen. Apple stock crossed the magic $203.45 a share price and made history by becoming the first and only company to be valued at $1 trillion dollars.

So you’re wondering about the car. I mean, with that stock price, I was still trying to convince Brian that we should sell all the stock and buy the Tesla, but as most people know, I’m all for a good deal, and this 2017 Hyundai Sonata was just too good of a deal to pass up! It’s basically a brand new car — there were even some plastic stickers on a few buttons inside, so it definitely wasn’t driven much at all. I took it to the dealer to ensure that it was good to go, and there weren’t any issues with it when it was stolen before insurance auctioned it off. They said everything was great, so I figured I’d better buy it as soon as possible! Thankfully, my cousin Melinda was coming into town, so she was able to help me pick up the other car (can’t drive a new car, and the old car with just one person!)

Melinda came Thursday – Saturday. We had so much fun together. I hadn’t seen her possibly in 2 years, and this was probably one of the few times when just she and I have hung out for a few days together by ourselves. We were busier than I probably should have been, but thankfully I got to rest a lot on Sunday and some on Monday.
We went to see an outdoor movie in Redwood City and got real street tacos (well, hole in the wall mexican restaurant called Tacos Los Gremelos) and took them to eat on the city hall steps to watch The Greatest Showman. Such a great movie! I loved the music, and the storyline was good too. She came to work with me and I took her to Apple Park and showed her around. So glad she got to see where I work and the “insider” scoop of my life here. Since I had a few meetings here and there throughout the day, we tried to stay in San Jose until Saturday, so we weren’t driving all over in between meetings. Unfortunately, there’s not a ton to do down here, and we attempted to go to a swap meet in San Jose, but it had closed by the time we got there (at 5pm, even though it said it stayed open until dusk (8pm-ish here?)). We ended up going to the Santa Clara County Fair instead. After growing up in San Diego and going to the Del Mar/San Diego County Fair, it’s really hard to beat that! This fair was okay, and we had a fun time, but I probably wouldn’t go back again. We enjoyed walking around and hanging out, but I was SO tired that I thought I was going to just fall over and go to sleep right there. It was a lot for someone who has not been doing much besides going to work and home, and lots of walking around too. Took her to Santana Row for lunch at the Counter (mmm, Sweet Potato fries and shoe string fries), and then we planned to go into San Francisco on Saturday.
We were going to take the train, since we had driven around a lot, and it’s easier and cheaper than finding parking a lot of the times. However, I underestimated how long it took to get from my house to Sunnyvale Caltrain, and we only had a few minutes before the train was coming. I didn’t know that you had to pay for parking and I knew we wouldn’t have enough time to get the parking voucher (the line was long!), so we drove around the block and tried to find an open spot, but they all were only 2 -4 hour spaces! Agh! So we decided we could get to Mountain View probably in just a few minutes shorter before the train would come, so raced up there, and realized they had paid parking too (the Bart trains don’t charge for parking on the weekends — I wasn’t expecting CalTrain to have them!). So we raced to get the parking ticket, and we heard the train horn blowing. We knew we were just going to make it, but unfortunately had to get to the other side of the track. We thought that once the train pulled into the station, it would be up far enough that we could go at the back of the train to cross over. Nope, those gates were closed and down, and both being rule followers, we didn’t want to go around (there’s good reason they put the rails down, people!). So we RAN to the front of the train, as we realized people who were exiting the train were able to go in front of the train and cross to our side, where the cars were parked. I dropped my sweater so I SPRINTED as fast as possible to grab it, but we still wouldn’t have made it (we didn’t realize people were crossing in front), until it was just about too late. By the time we got right past the front of the train to the other side, the doors closed and the train started pulling out of the station. I think we almost got hit by the train! I can’t believe it left the station so quickly after we crossed right in front of it (I don’t get why you can’t cross behind the train, but you can in front, where it could really run you over…). I thought I was actually going to pass out, because 1) I haven’t run (or really exercised at all besides slow walking) in quite a long time, and 2) my lungs could just not get the air back in my body and my heart was beating so fast. So much adrenaline, so much running. Omg, I thought I was going to die right there. Definitely not a good situation, when you’re sick, trying to take life easy and slow, and you’ve already had a busy week, and then you SPRINT in front of the train. So that was quite the eventful start to our day. Unfortunately, the next train didn’t get into the city until an hour later, and the train coming back would have taken two hours from where our ending point on our tour of things to see would take us. So we decided to drive (thankfully, we didn’t’ have the new car, and still had the little Miata so we could fit in all the tiny parking spots in the city!).
It ended up being a blessing, because I was really tired already (even before the running episode), and I didn’t want to walk much, and we would have had a much more arduous journey and more walking if we ended up on the train. So, praise God that he had a different plan for us (wish he could have let me know before I had to run for my life!). We went to the Farmer’s market at Ferry Building (I first wrote Ferry Landing…that’s GTMO, not SF, ha!). I always love going over there. It’s super busy, so you’re fighting crowds, but I like seeing all of the foods, and produce that people are selling, AND Mariposa’s, my favorite gluten free bakery, resides inside the Ferry Building. Yum! I got a cheese horn tart, and a piece of Mocha chocolate cake. So tasty, but so sweet!
We visited the Hidden Garden Steps (I climbed one of the sets, and then Melinda climbed up all the rest of them!), and that was something fun. We both had seen it on Pinterest, but had never been (she’s visited the city a few times, since her sister lived her for quite a few years), so decided to check it out. Great views from there, and we had gorgeous weather (of course, I brought the sun with me!).

We ended our day going to Land’s End and watching the sun over the ocean. Nice to sit and relax, in the beautiful area (it definitely was crowded — nice day on the weekend in SF).

On Sunday, I got to meet two young women interns at church (I went to the church down the street, instead of driving up to Pleasanton, as I was just so tired, and tired of driving). It seems like they have a good young marrieds group (I’m not sure if we’re considered “young” married anymore, but we don’t have kids, so I guess they lump you in all together no matter how old you are), and I really liked the church, Peninsula Bible Church in Cupertino. It’s nice that I can walk. The two ladies were at Intel, and this was their first internship. They were going into their junior year. They were so excited to meet me, another Christian woman who was in business and tech. It was pretty cool that I got to interact with them there! Those are the people that I definitely am interested in getting to know and helping out.

The Little C’s:
Brian booked their flight back! My mom is going to be meeting him in Jacksonville to fly the cats out here (kind of ridiculous as you can’t buy an extra seat for a pet, or take more than 1 per person, even if you buy two seats). We’re trying to minimize the traveling that I’m doing at this point, and RQ changed the dates for when Brian was leaving the island, so it didn’t correspond when I was planning to be out there for Kati’s baby. Hence, we’re getting my mom to fly with Brian and come visit for a few days out here to bring the little guys out.



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