Week 32 of 2018

Week 32 collage.jpg

Winter is coming. Oh no.
One of my co-workers and I went to check on some servers and as we were walking out of the server room, he said, “do you want to walk outside or inside? Eh, we should walk outside, because winter is coming soon, and we won’t want to walk outside then”. Oh no! What is winter!?! I haven’t seen winter in a year and a half. I missed last winter, and was perfectly happy to do so. Someone said, well California doesn’t have winter anyways, but I say yes, it totally does! Below 60 degrees in CA is definitely winter. When you can’t wear shorts anymore, it’s winter. Boo, winter. (I am not the “Ooh, but then you miss the 4 seasons, living in CA” person…I definitely see 4 seasons here, and I liked being in Cuba with 1 season only!).

So much work this week! Ahh! I worked my 24 hours in the first 3 days of the week, and then wasn’t supposed to do any more until the next week. Really hard when there are time sensitive items that need to get done (and when I wasted 2 hours waiting for security to come open the jammed data center door for me…). Got to know a few coworkers better with additional time chatting, and also got to watch my intern buddies do their practice presentations. I love to see them, as they’re so creative and Apple-y, with little text on them, but great visuals and stories.

I have started doing Rover.com, which is a pet sitting service. I was missing my cats, and decided I could find a way to play with other people’s cat’s AND get money! So met up with two new clients this week and I’m going to get to play with their beautiful cats. Woohoo!

Confirmed our rent situation for the next few months. Going to be living in Palo Alto about a mile from downtown. I have always loved Palo Alto and never thought we’d be able to live there. Found a good deal with another Apple guy who owns the house (has a college aged daughter). So it will just be the three of us, and then his dog and our cats. Hopefully that will work out well…

One of the highlights of the week was a Work & Faith talk that was given by Al Erisman. I was invited to join some of the other Workplace Ministry leaders for dinner beforehand with Dr. Erisman. What a neat experience to have Google, Facebook, and Apple Christians in the same place, enjoying fellowship together, and discussing what it looks like for the city to bless the righteous, and what “blessed” actually means. Al shared with us about how we can incorporate the Beatitudes, found in the Bible, into our work practices.

Other fun things:
A little tiny bit of gardening at the Livermore house to keep it nice and the weeds down. My tenants have planted zucchini and corn, and they gave me one of the zucchini’s that they got from it!

BBQ with some friends (originally, friends of Brian from Cal, but my friends now too!) in their nicely done new backyard. So nice to take it easy and relax, and catch up with people.

Tepper B&T (Business and Technology) board reunion: For the past few years, we have done a board reunion starting with my class of 2014, as the oldest, and all the years in between that are in SF area. This year’s graduating class of 2019 board members were the hosts. So fun to be able to connect with these MBA friends, new and old, and enjoy brunch at La Boheme in Palo Alto. Two of the guys live in Palo Alto as well. I’m excited to live in this area, as it’s kind of where all the tech action is. I love Livermore, but it’s so far away, and doing brunches/dinners/events like this is really hard when you live an hour away from people you work with/work in your industry.

I saw there was a house for sale in the neighborhood where we’ll be moving in Palo Alto. It looked nice, and I saw there was an open house there. Since I was going to be up there for brunch over the weekend, I figured I’d go take a look at it. $7.9M house. Holy smokes. Yes, it’s a 5 bedroom, 5,000 sqft, but STILL! How can a house cost that much!? In the neighborhood where I’m going to be living! Grow faster Apple stock, or we’re never going to be able to afford to live anywhere! It was very nice. It had a wine cellar, and a basement area, which we don’t see much of in CA. Love looking at the designs and floor plans.
Random: Had fun playing with the new Bible Lens app — it takes pictures that are on your phone, and uses machine learning to match verses that fit with the image you have taken. So cool!

My friend Rachel gave me a gardenia and some roses when I went to visit them this week. It smells so good! I’ve been rooting basil (it’s totally working!) and I put the flowers in there as well. Nice to have some plants!

Brian’s been busy getting things sold in Cuba, planning out his trip to get out here, and packing things up. Only three more weeks!

The Little C’s:
Clemmy has been very happy lately. He’s purring and kneading the couch a lot. He likes playing with Brian. Jado is ready for his trip to come see mommy! They’re both getting a little unruly, but Brian is getting lots of cuddles!


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