Week 33 of 2018

Week 33 collage.jpg

Been reading a lot lately. I found out that the Cupertino Library is a really nice building, only a mile or so from me, and has a ton of good books. Last year, my goal was to read 100 books. That was a lot, and I ended up reading 119, which seemed crazy to me (I’ve always been a big reader, but normally 20 a year seemed like a lot. In 2017, I read about 40, because I started doing audiobooks too, so about half were audio). For my challenge last year, my goal was that at least half had to be physical/ebook read, and the remaining could be listened to on audiobooks. Because I drive a lot or am cleaning the house/cooking, I valued gaining that time back to “read” through listening. (You can follow me on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/8811124-amanda)

So this year, my goal was to step it down a little, because I knew I wouldn’t be on an island with few responsibilities, and I’d be back at work. I chose 75 books, which was a pretty big stretch, as I’ve had to deal with moving, getting back up to speed at work, moving again, moving ANOTHER time, and oh yeah, one more time. Life in the US is much more complicated than it was in Cuba, and I still feel “culture shock” to acclimating back to Silicon Valley, and the way things are here (things are far, everything is expensive, I wear pants every day, not shorts, and there’s no beach).

Highlights this week:

  • Lunch with my mentor friend from church at a sandwich place in Pleasanton. THEY HAD GLUTEN FREE SANDWICHES. I like that part of the culture shock. It was amazing. Toasted panini. Yeah, haven’t had that in 10 years.
  • IT Picnic: So fun! They always theme it, and this year was Pirates of the Caribbean. I told them it didn’t look very Caribbean without the beach, but it was pretty warm that day, so that was a plus. My coworkers and I enjoyed lunch and then played games. There was a obstacle course where you had to climb up a big thick rope, and it reminded me of my gymnast days. Oh how I liked those days when I was strong and super fit. Got a rug burn on my foot, and broke my sandals running, and my foot is still trying to heal, almost a week later (so much for living in a bubble when you have a compromised immune system; seems like every week something is happening where my body has to heal itself and push energy to that area, instead of the healing of the Lyme Disease stuff that we’re working so hard on!). In the collage, there are pictures of the “IT Pirates” interspersed with real pictures of the Caribbean sunsets (from Brian)
  • Women Impacting the Marketplace: My work friend (and mentor) Kyla was one of the hosts for this program, and she was also on the panel with 3 other women sharing about their experiences as Christian women in the Marketplace. It was so neat to hear their stories. I feel like I hear stories of women at Apple, but most are not Christians, so this was really neat to see these ladies’ perspectives on how God has guided their careers.
  • Started doing cat sitting through Rover! At first, I thought it might not be good because it’s “doing more” however, it’s been very restful as it gives me something to do, but is relaxing as I get to just play with a cat and I can sit there and work if I need to or read! Also, my living situation hasn’t been great, so it was nice to be able to sit in a clean, quiet, air conditioned house by myself without anyone bothering me or stomping around the house. This week, the cat I had was VERY anti-social and angry. She had just moved so I think she was afraid of the new surroundings as well, but she swiped at me and lunged at me! So I stayed away, even though I sat at their apartment and worked for a few hours each day there, trying to let her become more comfortable with me. She never really warmed up. When I first met her with the owners, she was pretty friendly, so I thought she would be fine. I guess I’ll have to see how other cats are, as I have a few more clients next week!
  • Fun new app called Bible Lens, made by the makers of the YouVersion Bible app. It uses some type of machine learning to look at the picture you upload and find a verse that fits with it. So neat.

Brian has been enjoying the beach and the gorgeous sunsets for his last few weeks in the Caribbean, and wrapping up his role there on island.

The Little C’s:

They had lots of photo shoots with Brian this week. So many cute pictures of them. Clemmy wanted to hold Brian’s foot (for multiple minutes he sat there holding Brian’s foot — Clemmy loves Brian). There were lots of happy times from Clemmy, and many kneading sessions like you see below.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_6d3e 2.jpg


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