Week 34 of 2018

Week 34 collage

The biggest excitement of this week is that I became an Aunt! Kati and Aaron’s son, Nathan Cruz Phillippe, was born on Thursday, Aug 23, a little before noon. He was born 3 weeks early, but was already 6 pounds, and has very long legs! Very exciting, and I can’t wait to meet him when I go to visit in the end of September. (Gingersnap (Kati’s cat) is excited to have someone to keep watch over. Bruce, the other kitty, is very unhappy and hasn’t been seen the past day…Let’s just say, the love for our cats runs in the family (amongst the sisters and brother-in-laws, our parents are dog people)

This week I had fun with a cat named Babou! He is a Bengal, which (apparently I’m a bad cat lover!) is a type of very friendly cat who looks like a leopard, but acts almost like a dog. We had so much fun playing with his toys and when I walked in, he came over and rolled over so I could rub him. So cute!

Brian had quite the exciting week, as he became Scuba certified! It was something that we had wanted to do together, but my doctor wasn’t super keen on me doing it at the time I was in Cuba. So I did the on-paper training, but didn’t get to do the in-water training. Brian also got to go to Surf and Turf this week, and it was his last week leading worship. He will miss the team there a lot. It’s been a great opportunity for him to get back into music, and lead.

This week I also got to visit the three biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley — had lunch with a new Christian fellowship friend at Facebook, showed Biola students around the Apple Visitor center and took pictures in front of Apple Park, and got dinner at Google. All thanks to connections with our Christian fellowship partners around the Bay.
There were 3 Biola students that came to visit for a trek around the Bay to learn about Data Analytics. It was fun to see Dr. Bourgoeis who used to be the professor for the Management Information Systems (MIS) concentration which I did. That concentration no longer exists in the Crowell School of Business, as it’s a part of the Computer Science Department, but he’s now leading Data Analytics, which I think is pretty neat. So fun to meet these students. I graduated Biola 10 years ago, which is crazy to think that I’m that much older than these students who are just starting out their careers.
I had never been to Facebook, except to drop someone off at the door, so it was really neat to see their “Main street” area that is like Disneyland and get lunch and frozen yogurt . So neat that people get to work in a place like that. It’s very interesting to see the differences between the tech companies. Google also had frozen yogurt. I wonder why we don’t at Apple! haha.

Good conversations with good friends, fun playing with cats, and good professional growth, as well as giving back. Not as much frantic work this week, which was good and needed after the last two weeks of crazy.

On Friday, I moved out of my room where I had been staying, and felt like a college student, piling all of my bedding and clothes and a few kitchen items into my car (and it all fit!). Good thing I have the Hyundai now, as it is has more room than the Miata which can only fit 2 suitcases. It has been a much quieter few days. I have been house sitting for the Bennetts, and it’s been fantastic! I have the whole house to myself, I have a few things to do to help them out, like playing with the dog, collecting the mail, and watering and picking the vegetables in the garden. So fun! It’s been my little retreat place as it’s quiet, I was able to use the whole kitchen (and it was so nice and clean!) and I didn’t feel like my food would be contaminated with gluten every where I put it. Got to sit by the pool and read some more (Love Does, by Bob Goff; A Uterus is a Feature, not a Bug, by Sarah Lacy; and Rethinking Incarceration, by Dominique DuBois Gilliard). Very nice to relax.


The Little C’s:

Clemmy again this week has been happy. Jado wanted Brian’s water bottle, and has been running around like a nut, as he can’t wait to move to California next week to see mom! He has been trying out his carrying case, hopping in and out of it.


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