Week 37 of 2018

Week 37 Collage.jpg

Not a whole lot this week, until the weekend! I flew down to San Diego on Wednesday in preparation for our High school friends’ combined 30th birthday party! I have known some of these ladies for over 25 years, and probably the shortest amount of time is about 17. Crazy to think about having great friends for that much of my life.
I flew down early as I found a great deal ($37/each way?!), and I wanted to spend some time with Brian’s parents and other friends down there as well.

This time, San Diego was gorgeous (the past few times I’ve been there, it was cold and gloomy — May gray, June gloom)! It was like 70-95. Perfect temps for me. I love it hot. I got to wear shorts most of the time. I was working (a lot!) on Thursday and Friday, but got to take some breaks for longer lunches with friends. Also got to enjoy time with Brian’s parents for dinner. His dad knows that I like the smoked salmon he makes, so he smoked some salmon, monk fish, and sausages. Yum!

Got to spend some time with my friend Jesus, and he graciously took me to the mall when I was without a car for the day to get a power charger, as I had left mine at work (and despite all of Brian’s valiant efforts to get it to me – gathering it from a co-worker at my office (offices are baged-only), taking it to FedEx for overnight shipping, $65 for shipping wasn’t worth it). Thankfully, (I learned!) Apple stores take purchases back within 14 days if you still have the box, so I will be able to return it once I have mine back.

Then it was off to the party! I had thankfully slept well at the Cooxes’ (we weren’t sleeping well in Palo Alto, because the cats had been sleeping in our room, and would get up at least once a night, running around chasing each other), so I was ready to expend my energy. However, I forgot how much energy I have been working on conserving by not doing much, and even though I have been feeling really well the past few weeks, I started to get tired around 6pm, after having talked for so long (Remember, I’m an engineer — we chat through our keyboards with people). After 5 hours of talking, I was worn out, and unfortunately, the restaurant we went to was really noisy (Punchbowl) in San Diego, so it was hard for me to pay attention. We had all brought so many snacks too, that I wasn’t even hungry for dinner. Oh well, made for a cheaper dinner!

So these friends were the cheerleader group at school (I was home schooled, so I didn’t go to the same school, but I went to all their homecomings/proms, lots of their games). They’re all the smart, gorgeous, friendly, sweet people that you’d be happy to be seen with. I love them dearly. We had a great time hanging out, spending time sharing life, and updating each other. It’s amazing that we’re all back in CA now, as many people were in different places 5 years ago, and half of them have kids. With the exception of 1, we all have spouses, a couple of us have homes, and many have great jobs. I’m so proud of these ladies and the way that they have used their talents. Out of the 8 of us, 4 have Masters’ degrees; we have a Nurse Practitioner/doctor, an almost-finished Physicians Assistant, a person assistant, a yoga teacher, High School math teacher, an actress, a Social Worker, and me, the IT nerd. We all have busy lives, so generally only see each other at Christmas (well, some get together more regularly), but we hope that we can start doing a summer time get together!

We rented a condo in downtown San Diego. We had a great view of the Coronado bridge. We went to dinner, and then just hung out chatting. Around 11pm, some people wanted to go out, so a majority of them got dressed up and headed out to a country dancing place. I’ve never been much of a dancer, and definitely not much of a late night person. I was tired, and for me not sleeping at this point in time, means not just a rough next day, but a rough week or two. So I decided to stay and go to sleep. Good choice, as they were out until 1:30am. Yeah… I need my sleep. We had some breakfast/snacks in the morning at the condo, and then packed up and headed out. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a longer time together. I learned so much from them all, just in their different areas of expertise, and it was fun to be able to catch up on life. Hopefully we get to see each other again soon.

Brian is going to be working two weeks in san diego each month, until his project at Moffett Field starts. So he flew down on Sunday and I picked him up. We hadn’t seen much of each other (he had only been home for 1.5 weeks before I left, and then he’s going to be in SD for two weeks 😞 ), so we went to Torrey Pines beach. It was a perfect day at the beach. Unfortunately, it’s much more crowded than GTMO! ha! We enjoyed chatting, and sharing our journeys of the week, and then headed up to meet his parents for dinner at our favorite Escondido Mediterranean restaurant, Ali Baba. We are always spoiled when we stay with Brian’s parents, and they have learned the ways of being gluten-free and always ask for a GF menu/bread/chips whenever we go somewhere now. So sweet.

By the way, the reason why there’s a pack of meat in the collage is because we started doing a service called mOink, that ships the grass-fed meat to your house! I love having things delivered to my house, and my organic vegetables have been a great success, so I figured we’d try this out. This is month 1. It’s more expensive than cheap meat at Lucky’s, but it’s grass-fed, direct from farmer, and I like to support them and eat healthy food, so we’ll see how it goes!

Another highlight of the week was getting to meet my colleague at Apple Park and get gelato. Always nice to continue building those relationships, and sit in the beautiful park!

I’ve been back at reading/listening to a lot of audiobooks again. Gotta keep learning somehow. I read a great book called Girl, Wash your face, and did a little poking around on her blog. She tried to do international adoption, and foster-to-adopt, and it didn’t work. They went through such a hard process in the midst of trying to adopt. They finally ended up doing a private adoption, but I thought her note about trying to do adoption was very telling, and a similar mentality that I want to have:
“We would rather help people, even if it’s hard.”

Helping, and making a difference is important to me. No matter where we live, or what we do, this is what Brian and I want to be key in our lives. It’s not about our comfort, but about serving.

The Little C’s:
Jado was very upset that I was leaving for a week, and wanted to come. Clemmy has been practicing jumping over the fence and escaped. He stayed out all night, we couldn’t find him. It was very traumatic. Finally in the morning, we knocked on the neighbor’s door and asked to look in his back yard. He had a very full garage, so I called in there “Clemmy!” and I heard a little squeak. Thank God he was in there. Brian was very concerned. And I had thought, you can’t die yet! It’s only been 2 weeks, and we spent so much money to get you here!


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