Week 38 of 2018

Week 38 Collage.jpg

More dinners with Brian’s parents and getting to enjoy our time together. It’s been nice to be back in a place where we can see family. We enjoyed GTMO, and thankfully a good amount of our families were able to come visit, but it’s nice to be seeing them more regularly.
Brian is going to be working for two weeks of the month in San Diego for RQ, and then the other 2 weeks up in SF for the project they are working on here. They don’t have an office set up yet in Silicon Valley, since the project hasn’t started yet, so he is working from home until they start. It so far has been good for him to be in the office in SD to be able to help the team there understand what has been going on in GTMO, and he was able to provide a lot of good information about the updated systems and logistics projects he has worked on. It’s also nice having him working at home, since I am home 3 days (2 working, 1 generally going to doctors’ visits) as well.

Besides being in San Diego for a few more days, the most exciting thing of the week for me was attending a Geek Girl X dinner, hosted by Volvo. I signed up for these newsletters a few months after I started at Apple (so, 4 years ago?), but haven’t ever attended one, because of inconvenient timing or location. One of the great things of living close by to work has been the ability to go to social/networking functions after in the evening. Instead of sitting on a bus for 2 hours, I have the ability to go meet more engineers and people in the industry.
This Geek Girl X meet up isn’t just for women (men are allowed to come), but it is generally women who attend. The goal is to gather women in tech and connect them. It was SO cool! I LOVED it. Many events that I attend that have many women are still not women who are engineers – they are recruiters, marketers, or PMs. It was just nice to meet people who are doing the same type of work as I am, and connect with them about their projects.
Plus, it was Volvo. I have always liked cars and been interested in them, although I really don’t know that much about them. But I like tech and how it interacts with everyday life, so whether that’s tech in the kitchen, in the organizational sphere, in cars, or in relationships by enabling items like FaceTime, I like this intersection. It was so exciting to hear the female engineers talk about how Volvo is impacting car technology. The office was really small, because they have only been there a few years. The reason they came was because they knew that they needed to be in Silicon Valley in order to build up their autonomous driving and great capabilities for their cars. Sounds like a really neat company to work for, as they are concerned about “doing good” with their products and helping people reclaim time (did you know that if you own a volvo, you can have them come gas up your car while you’re at work, or you can have Amazon deliver packages to the safety of your car while you’re at work/anywhere?). They also seem to have a pretty good concern for working women (since it’s a Swedish company).

The other really awesome event I attended was with International Justice Mission CEO Gary Haugen. It was held at Apple, by Apple Christian Fellowship, in conjunction with our supplier responsibility group — what an awesome way for ACF to partner! I was super happy to see this event occur, as Kyla and I had talked about this a few years ago while I was the co-chair. Was very cool to see it actually happen and to help bring awareness to the issue. Gary talked about how modern day slavery still exists and it’s up to us to help end it, as it’s an issue that we can actually remove over the next few decades. The IJM team has made major progress by partnering with lawyers and law enforcement agencies around the world. Whether it is forced labor, sex trade slavery, or some other type of forced service, these types of slavery in our world need to stop. It was very sad to hear about how prevalent this is in the world. It was a good event, but afterward, we had a reception with food allowing people to chat, and many of us were unsure how to help, besides giving money. We are engineers at Apple. What can we do in this fight? Lots of interesting thoughts this week to ponder.
Ended off the week with a church business meeting. Really neat to see how many people were there, interested in how the church is doing and what its plans are to keep moving forward with our mission. I really have enjoyed being back at Valley Community Church, and being welcomed back into the community!

Little C’s:

Two videos this week:


They were SO happy for me to come home. Since Brian and I were both down in San Diego for a few days, they were all alone in the room. I came home to find Jado’s collar on the bed, which means 1. He made it up on the bed, and 2. They were playing really hard on the bed, and having a good fight, with Clemmy pulling it off him! They got spoiled with Brian, so I told them they were going on a “schedule” and would be eating at 6pm, going to bed at 10pm, and I would come get them out of the other bathroom in the morning at 8am so I could sleep long enough. They did very well getting on the schedule.
I was planning to get rid of this old torn up box that the cats liked, since they hadn’t been playing with it much. But all of a sudden as I moved it, they jumped in and were being so funny! I put the little monkey toy in the box, an Clemmy kept popping up like a jack-in-the-box! It was so funny!


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