Week 40 of 2018

Week 40 Collage

Lots of baby cuddles this week! I missed my kitties, but had so much fun holding Nathan and playing with him. He doesn’t do a whole lot since he’s little, but he really liked me holding him, so we had some nice times doing things around the house together (I have been practicing with Jado – he wants to be held a lot, so I’m good doing things one handed, ha!). I was able to cook a lot, which was fun and nice to have a large, clean, GF kitchen that I could try out a few new recipes. Kati is vegetarian (mostly) and so I had to be creative to make a lot of vegetables! I don’t do much starch (corn/potatoes/grains/beans), so it made it a little harder, and ended up doing things more with those items. Kind of hard to cut out so many food groups amongst all of us!

We mainly had a low-key week, while Brian was at home holding down the fort with the cats. I worked for about 12 hours while in Birmingham, so it was a little hard doing things and working, but I was able to get in the hours that I needed for the week (plus taking some vacation time). I got my hair cut and colored, as I pretty regularly do when I’m on vacation visiting someone. It’s when I normally have time, and it’s generally a lot cheaper than in the Bay Area.

Kati and I took took a nice walk in the Oak Mountain State Park. I just can’t get over how green things are outside of CA and how many trees there are! We went to a Greek Festival in downtown (it was not very good; no GF food really, and there wasn’t anything besides a few tables for items they were selling), went to a fancy ice cream place which was fun, and then also went to a concert of Kati & Aaron’s friend. She was an opera singer, and although that’s not my favorite, she was really good and it was enjoyable.

I also went around with a Realtor to see if it would be a place that we’d like to live in the future. The homes were great (and so cheap — we could get a 8 bedroom house for the price of a 2 bedroom one here!) and I really liked the Birmingham area and people that I met. There wasn’t one that was perfect, so time will tell if we end up moving that way in the longer term. We really like SF for now, so here it is until God has us elsewhere!

My parents, and grandpa, and Emily and David came down to Kati’s house on the weekend. It was so nice to be all together, even though it was just a short time.

Finally, I flew home to join Brian! We did some gardening at the Livermore house (it’s almost getting to a really nice point!) and then went to dinner with my B&T (Business & Technology) club friends. Jamaican food, yum. Fun to hang out, chat about business and economics, and be with people who get my work world!

The Little C’s:

We have two athletes over here. Jado loves balls, and Clemmy loves scaling walls and climbing! We know when Clemmy is gone, because Jado talks a lot more then, and then all of a sudden you hear the fence bouncing, because Clemmy has jumped back over to come play with everyone!


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