Week 42 of 2018

Week 42 collage.jpgBrian has been down in San Diego this week for work. It’s been nice that he’s able to spend time with his parents, since we were in Cuba for so long, but it’s sad to not have him be here, after being apart for 4 months when I moved back here. Hopefully, he’s almost done with his trips back and forth from SD to SF; once his company gets their office set up here at Moffett field, he won’t be going down to San Diego anymore.
Last week, I wrote about how I went to the Library book sale. Well, on Monday nights, they give away the bargain books FREE! Oh man, I was like a kid in a candy shop. It’s also interesting how I won’t think it’s worth it to buy a $.50 book, but if it’s free, I’ll take it. There’s something about free that psychologically affects people. I got all sorts of nice Martha Stewart/William Sonoma cookbooks, books for gifts, books for me, books for Brian. Lots of good stuff.
A fun project I started working on was painting a large doll house. I found it on the side of the road and rescued it! I love interior design, and have some paint samples from when we painted out house. I thought it’d be fun to experiment with the colors and set up the house, since I can’t make changes to my real house right now. Jado, being the ever helpful cat that he is, wanted to help, so he picked up the paintbrush and started walking away with it!
I got to enjoy some great time with my friend Monica from Apple. Always enjoy our time together. She’s one of my few technical friends that I have, and so it’s great to compare notes about work (and life)! I also spent time with another friend from Apple, Lin, and joined her at her church on Sunday and got lunch. Very nice to have women-friends who work at Apple and are in tech. There aren’t many of us.
Found out there was a Sprinkles cupcake shop right down the road from us, and they do GF cupcakes! Yum! Got to enjoy a red velvet one.
I’ve been working on learning more Linux as one of my goals for work and personally as well. Jado has been learning with me too.
Brian finished his website!  Yay. Proud of him for all the hard work he has done to learn coding over the past few years.

Little C’s:
Well, they got into the food bag this week. Twice! Once, there were just crumbs, so they stuck their heads in and Jado put his whole body inside to get the crumbs at the bottom. The other time was an “almost”. I came home and the bag had been chewed and clawed and little pieces of it were everywhere! However, they had not eaten much (at least they were very hungry when I fed them after I got home), although it had been knocked over.
Jado has a little mouse and he took it outside. Thought it would be fun to play with out there, but then he lost it! I think he buried it somewhere, so every day he was wandering around looking for it inside the room. Finally, he found it again, but since he likes to play with it outside so much, it’s just going to get lost again, cause it seems to go missing a few days a week.




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