Week 44 of 2018


Week 44 collage.jpgLots of sickness this week. Went to the allergist after having a stuffy nose for awhile. I initially thought it was my body getting used to CA and the dry weather, but after I had made it through the end of Spring, Summer, and now into Fall, I needed to get something to help. Turns out, I had a sinus infection. He could see just using the tool (how they look in your nose), and was like, oh yea, it’s pretty stuffed. Awesome. I just can’t win. Come on, body!

One of the highlights of my week was getting to meet a new MBA friend. She worked for World Vision before and was a part of the Tepper Christian Business Association (a few years after I was there). It was neat to meet another female MBA, as there weren’t many from Tepper, especially ones in the area. So fun to have so many things in common. I came home and told Brian, I hope she liked me as much as I liked her! ha.

Another fun thing was our work Halloween party. I dressed up as a bug — a lady bug. Fitting for an IT party 😉 Our senior director goes ALL out for Halloween – his face and head were completely painted. It was a lot of fun, and I’m really glad I could go. Because I’ve been in the office only two days a week, and when I’m there I’m pretty focused on getting hours of work done, it’s been hard to socialize much. Generally, pretty quick chats. So this was nice to have time to mingle and see people that I haven’t seen for awhile.

Halloween evening was fun too – we got to hold down the fort at our house, since Kim was gone. It was great seeing all the little kids! It’s been very few times that I’ve been able to pass out candy, as there just weren’t many kids where I have lived. Thankfully, there were a lot this time! The kids kept commenting on how pretty our house was (we have these pretty white twinkle lights up outside). They were like, “wow, I like your house. It’s so nice.” I said, thanks, but inside was saying “me too, kid. It’s not mine, but I wish I could say it was!”

Besides that, still enjoying doing the Mindfulness for Stress reduction class at Apple, and got to enjoy a date with Brian for sushi over the weekend. We went to Yogurtland in downtown Palo Alto and while we were walking back, we saw a store called B8ta. It’s for smaller/startup companies who want to demo their product, but not have to rent out a whole store for one product. It was so cool! It was just very Silicon Valley. Here are all the cool new products that you’ve been looking at online and hearing about in the news, and oh, by the way, the owner brought them to this store to display them for you. The displays that they had telling about the products were pretty neat too. One of our favorites was called Petcube, which allows you to “throw” treats to your pet, while being somewhere else — the contraption allows you over wifi to talk to your pet and get them to stand in front of it and then throws the treat!


The Little C’s:
Jado figured out that he could get up on top of the fence. He didn’t quite figure out how to get down very well, but now he knows. He still didn’t leave the fence, just walked along the edges.

The dog also left the house (for awhile), and so the cats have free roam over the whole house! They love it.



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