Week 45 of 2018

Week 45 collage.jpgWinter is here. I guess it’s Fall. But it feels like winter! The days are nice, still generally getting up to 70, but the morning and evenings are so cold. The leaves are all falling off and it’s crips. Whoever says there aren’t season in CA, I disagree!

The house we live in is really cold. It has high ceilings so it just doesn’t hold the heat well, unfortunately. As you can see in the pictures, Brian shows what a person who lives Cuba looks like when it hits below 60 degrees!

I went to camp this week! And it was even colder there. It was nice though, even though it was cold. So beautiful up in the mountains. Unfortunately, there was a big fire in northern CA that has caused a ton of smoke this week. It was even bad up in the mountains, so they canceled the hikes and heavy outdoor activities. I went with two of my Apple Christian Fellowship friends (both, now the co-chairs of ACF). It was wonderful to be together. We had such a great time laughing and chatting, as well as reflecting and spending time with God.

The camp was a Reflective Retreat at Mount Hermon. It’s put on my the camp itself (rather than a church or other organization), twice a year. I didn’t know what to expect, and didn’t know it was a reflective retreat, but basically, that meant you were able to spend the time how you needed – whether that was taking a nap resting, spending time sitting in nature, being a part of the sessions or music times, or doing anything really. It was less about learning more knowledge and more about experiencing and being. I had fun not having any obligations, and enjoyed spending time meandering in the bookstore, just being.

Lessons learned from the retreat:

  • Confession is necessary and an important part of growing and being a healthy person.
  • I am an adventurer, and when I live in fear, that is not my true self, nor who I am called to be. When I get to that state, I need to remember that I trust in God, and he is bigger than the circumstances surrounding me.
  • Massages are so necessary to health in every way. Mint chocolate chip ice cream too.
  • Sometimes it is just good to cry
  • Just being in nature and getting away is a necessity that I need to do once a quarter. Just even for one night and one evening.


Brian also tried to go for the afternoon to the mountains in our area, but unfortunately it was just too smokey, so he didn’t end up getting out of the car. He has been spending time getting re-connected with friends and building his network in the Bay Area. Lunch at places like Google, and Stanford this week.

On Sunday, we enjoyed heading to our Livermore tenant (and friend)’s piano recital. Wow, it was amazing. Talk about professional musicians. We invited an older couple from church to join us who had met them before, and we all had a good time. Brian and I enjoyed a mexican food restaurant in SF called Tropisueño. Such good mexican soup. Just what I had wanted after a cold weekend.


Little C’s:

We came home one night to meet Butler Jado at the door. We were cracking up! He was just standing there on his hind two feet.

They have been loving spending lots of time during the day outside.

Brian and Jado like to dance


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