Week 46 & 47

Week 46 & 47 collage.jpg

The past few weeks have been a blur! I have done a lot of pet sitting, and with the holidays, my weekends have been quite full.
Had some time to spend by myself resting, and took a walk through Ikea just enjoying going slow and wandering looking at things. I made a craft out of the fun items I had collected at the retreat the previous week.
Brian and I have had a lot of fun trying new restaurants in the area. We found out that you can earn air miles by using your card (any of them that you link to your American Airlines account), by going to certain restaurants. We like to go to new places sometimes so figured we might try one on the list. I like finding deals like that! We went to a place called Pokeworks that makes poke bowls (think sushi, but in a bowl with all sorts of toppings. It was pretty good. We then went to the store to get Thanksgiving items and saw Peppermint Ice cream! That is my favorite ice cream. Generally, I say that my favorite is Mint Chocolate chip, but that’s because you can’t regularly find peppermint throughout the year, except during the holidays. We got it as a dessert for our thanksgiving feast in case people didn’t want pie…Well, it didn’t make it that long!

This week I got to spend some time talking/hanging out with long-time good friends. So enjoyed walking, chatting over tea, and face timing with these wonderful people. I got to visit my friend Gina at Tesla. So cool! I haven’t seen so many Tesla’s in a parking lot. It’s really neat to be in the Bay Area and have friends who are working in these influential companies. It’s just such a different mindset and dynamic here, that it’s good to have solid friendships that bridge the gap of space and time, understanding the same challenges of being working women in tech.
On Sunday, I got lunch with amazing women from church, and afterwards Brian and I went and got massages. It’s my one luxury that I really like to do!

Week 47 was full of Thanksgiving preparations, Black Friday shopping, and more cat sitting. I had 5 clients one of the days (7 cats!) and that was insane (we didn’t have work over Thanksgiving week, so I had taken a few more that I could do during the break). I enjoy the cat sitting because it gives me something to do so I’m not bored watching movies at home, but is also restful and fun! Most of the cats I have watched have been really friendly. Only a few haven’t come out or hissed. Seeing them do their funny jumps and poses makes me laugh, and gives me a low stress way to make a little bit of extra money while resting my mind and trying to let my body heal. However, although it was restful and a nice change from going to work, it was still a lot of time, as I spend 30 minutes with each client, and then the driving time in between. One of the homes was up in the Los Alto hills, and the view was beautiful. Reminded me of Bonsall, where I grew up in San Diego County. I think I spent about 4 hours a day driving and petting cats! Also going to doctor visits. Unfortunately, my doctor is surprised that I’m not getting better quickly. Most of her patients are starting to feel better around the 6 month, which is how long I’ve been with her. Instead, I’m feeling a lot worse, and waking up in the middle of the night. On average, I woke up twice a night for the past EIGHT weeks. I’m glad she had a few ideas of things to try, because I am seriously at my witts end. When it starts to be 2-3 hours a night of sleep I’m losing and wide awake from 2-5AM, I just can’t problem solve anymore. Please pray for the new treatments to work. Trying a few new things and will see how those go. Without sleep, it’s really hard to heal, and the lab results of my immune system are SO so low. (Lowest in range should be “60” on this test — I’m at “22”). I’m pushing through, and trying to live my life normally, but it’s mentally taking a toll on me being so exhausted all the time and trying to survive.

For Thanksgiving, we had a great time! Since I wasn’t working, I was able to be home and prep and be organized so that it wasn’t too hard the day of. We had 5 international friends over. 2 from the Philippines (my good friend from Tepper and his girlfriend), and 3 from Japan (our Livermore house renters and friends). We had a great time! Only one of them had celebrated Thanksgiving before, so it didn’t matter that my pie didn’t turn out quite right. It was so fun. I really like hosting. Our housemate was gone for the week, so we hd the place to ourselves. I really like to cook for people and throw dinner parties. Maybe that’s something I’ll do more of in 2019. Hopefully we’ll have somewhere that we can do that.

The past three years, especially since I always have the week off at Thanksgiving, we go through and do a closet clothing purge. We do this so that we can prepare to put things we need on our Christmas lists, as well as know what we should look for on Black Friday deals. Brian and I headed off to do Black Friday shopping on Thursday night! We got a few really good deals at Target, including nice boots for me and a few fun games. We continued our shopping on Friday at Macys, See’s candy (no deals there 😞 ), Kohl’s, and a few other places. We really like the Kohl’s deals each year. It’s not a place I regularly visit, but Brian likes to go there, and their deals are great for Black Friday! Normally, we have gone in Escondido, and the line is around the store (about 45 minute wait to check out). This one just had a short line, even though we were there around noon, and took about 10 minutes. Wow. I got a really nice new winter coat and both of us got some nice warm sweater. Which was a good thing, because we bought tickets during the Black Friday sale for Iceland! And it was only 2 weeks away. We got tickets round trip, with a bag checked for $550 total for both of us! We kind of had to go. So we decided to just take a Saturday – Wednesday trip. At least get the chance to go! I don’t want to spend all of my vacation time in a cold place. I like those nice warm sunny beaches! (Been dying here! It’s been rainy and low of 40, high of 60 the past few weeks…Missing my 85 degree December Cuba beach).
Oh, and there was a fire about 3 hours away, and the smoke was STILL horrible. We basically did very little outside until it rained after Thanksgiving so that we could breathe outdoors. The picture was of the smoke, not a cloudy day.

The Little C’s:



They have learned how to cause all sorts of trouble. They are definitely getting comfortable with their environment. Clemmy has been jumping up on the kitchen counter when we’re not in the room, and as soon as we walk out, he jumps down. They also figured out they could go up the stairs. Not that they’re supposed to go up the stairs, but I think they were afraid of them before!
Clemmy, the fancy cat, loves turkey. We figure out that we could teach him to come and sit, by just calling him and offering turkey. Silly guy. Jado doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.
Had to clip their nails and give them a bath. They hadn’t had a bath since I was last with them in Cuba, in April! Not their favorite thing to do. Clemmy did okay, but Jado the troublemaker did not want a bath. I love the picture Brian took of me cutting Clemmy’s nails. He looks so “Okay, fine if you have to, I’ll sit still”.
My parents sent the grandkittens a Christmas present, and they were trying to figure out what it was before Christmas time! Just like kids. Clemmy loves ribbon, and Jado likes it a lot too. Clemmy can see it from across the room though and comes running.
They were quite intrigued by the rain. Jado stood up on his chair and looked out the window — “what’s that? What’s rain? We haven’t seen that in 6 months since we were in Cuba. We didn’t know it rained here…boo, we can’t go outside now, without getting our paws wet…”
Got some Christmas sweaters for them, and they looked so cute in them! They weren’t too happy about them, but I think they got used to them after a little bit.



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