Week 48 & 49

Week 48 & 49 collage.jpg


Not a lot happened over these two weeks. Work, lots of errands returning black friday items we no longer wanted (we both realized we’re more apt to get something in the store because we’re in buying mode, but then once we get home, we’re more apt to say we don’t need it, because we’re in the clutter-removal mode).
Throughout these two weeks, we also stocked up on our warm necessities for Iceland. I found the same boots I had been looking at online at the Thrift store! Awesome. We had to hunt through our Cuba crate and other boxes in our garage that have been sitting there packed up for almost two years now to find our hats and gloves and socks. Found some other boots too which will be great to wear throughout this winter.

I taught a course to our team on the overview of how a CDN works, and in the future will go into our finances. It’s been awhile since I’ve presented so was nervous, especially since our director (who taught the class last time, and commissioned me to be the new “faculty” member) was in the class! I’m going to be teaching 4 classes in this course, each being about 75 min – 2 hours long. So much talking! I’ve been “quiet engineer” for the past 6 months working on my own things. But it was definitely nice for a change and helped me realize how much I’ve learned, and good for me to use my Keynote creation skills, and other non-technical skills!

Over the weekend, I went to a retreat (another retreat!) up in Santa Cruz mountains (again!). It was rainy and cold and I had slept horribly, so I didn’t want to go that much. It was a Meditation retreat, to practice all of the different types of Mindfulness that we learned in the Apple Mindfulness for Stress Reduction class. It ended up being a nice time to practice, although it’s hard work, not necessarily restful. We were quiet from around 11am to 4pm, but the teacher talked and guided us during those times in different exercises. It was weird to not talk over lunch, but for an introvert, it was great! I could just sit there and look around and enjoy the food (practicing mindful eating), and not have to think about conversing. I kind of liked it. The food was great – all vegetarian, and so fresh and flavorful (could’ve also been the mindful eating that helped me recognize that as well).

On Sunday, Brian and I went to church and then ran errands together (taking back the remaining items from black friday, purchasing Christmas gifts, and looking for a Christmas dress for me), and then had a Christmas adventure in the city. I have heard the past few years about a giant Gingerbread house that’s built in one of the hotel lobbies. I really wanted to go see that, so we set off to find it. I don’t dislike San Francisco as much at night time – it’s pretty and you don’t see all the trash. The lights are nice there. There were quite a few of the fancy hotels decked out for Christmas. Beautiful! The Fairmont hotel was where the 25 foot gingerbread house was built. It had taken 300 hours of baking and had multiple rooms. So neat to see. We just went in for 15 minutes and looked at it and then got our car back, as parking is so expensive there, and I mean, what was there to do? Sit and stare at it another 30 minutes?
We walked down to one of my new favorite dinner places, Tropisueño Mexican Kitchen. Unfortunately, their tacos aren’t really GF, as they make them on the same surface as the burritos and so there’s a big cross-contamination issue (something to be aware of in other mexican restaurants!), but their chicken soup is amazing. It’s like a tortilla soup, but with so many vegetables in it, and avocado too! Spicy, but not too spicy. We got it to go and went to find a hill to look at the lights of the city in. Ended up not being able to go where we wanted (it was dark so the park was closed), so we just parked in a parking lot and ate in a neighborhood. We had a really nice time together. So nice to be able to eat places together, after 3 years of having to cook at home all the time.

More doctor visits the next week, and dinner with one of Brian’s childhood friends in his home. The house is from the 1950s and has the original stove/oven! Wow, it was pretty cool looking. He travels a lot, so we brought ingredients to make pancakes and hang out there. On Friday afternoon, we drove down to LA to catch our flight on Saturday to Iceland! Woohoo! I’m really hoping we get to see the Northern Lights! We flew all day Saturday and arrived at 5am on Sunday morning in Iceland.


The Little C’s:

We got them some automatic food feeders, especially since we’ll be traveling a little bit the next few weeks! They are timed to automatically turn and open the feeder at 9am and 6pm. Ha! Now they will be on a very strict schedule and hopefully won’t whine as much because the feeder feeds them, not me.
Our housemate was concerned about them sitting on the couches so he put blankets over them (he saw Clemmy sit on the top of the couch so was worried about the fur getting everywhere). However, the cats know that the ONLY place they are supposed to sit is on their blanket. So Brian came out into the family room one day and there they were – very cozily sitting on their thrones!


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