Week 51 & 52 of 2018

Week 51 collage.jpg

A little behind again, but catching up.

This week held a baby shower for a friend, starting to take anti-parasite meds (to see if that is causing some of the health problems still), Apple team Christmas party, Bible Study group Christmas dinner, two more Christmas parties with old friends from Escondido, and lots of meals out with Brian’s parents/family.
We pulled off a great Christmas party at work this week. It was just our team, and it was a sweet & savory potluck, where everyone brought different treats. We have a very diverse team, so we had all sorts of different cuisines and flavors. That same day, we celebrated with our new Bible study group in Palo Alto. They made prime rib, and all sorts of other fancy food. So tasty!
We flew to San Diego on Thursday and Brian and I both worked from home a bit that day. After landing, we walked outside and it was GORGEOUS. 80 degrees, sunny, warm. Mmmm. It didn’t stay that warm the rest of the week, and even got a little chilly, but it for sure was a lot warmer than SF. I love San Diego Christmases. No need for snow for me.
We went to a Christmas party that always has the best Yankee Swap game (which is like White Elephant). This year, they added their own twists on it, and it was so fun. Probably the best White Elephant I’ve ever played. Also, I got lottery tickets and 10 $10 Christian Audio gift cards. They expired by the end of the year (which is why it was a joke), but I can buy audiobooks quickly! They were having a year end sale, so I got like 12 books for free!! Awesome. Many of them are ones that I have been wanting to read for awhile too, and the Overdrive Library app doesn’t always have all the Christian books. The lottery tickets were winners too — $28! Best win for me, for bringing a $8 gift! ha. (The gift also came with a Weed rolling shirt (I totally didn’t know what it was until they explained it to me), a smelly and super old CDs, so there was weird stuff in it too.)
We went to a San Diego State basketball game. We have gone the past few years, since Brian’s parents get season tickets. This was the first time that Brian and I had been able to go with his brothers (that I can remember). The game was packed, as they were playing BYU, which it sounds like is one of their rivals.
Another tradition that we have is to make Christmas cookies. Brian’s mom has been making cookies with the boys for 30+ years! We’ve been gluten free for awhile, but we still used to make just regular cookies, as it’s easier and cheaper to make a big batch of regular sugar cookies, but this year, we made GF ones, so we could eat them! Yay! The dough was super hard after coming out of the fridge, so we had to warm it up for awhile before we could cut out the cookies. I thought the dough was pretty good though. Cookies were tasty, and fun to decorate.
This year, we went to the Zoo all together! I hadn’t been to the zoo in a long time. Whenever we’re with Brian’s family, his mom has all sorts of fun things planned for us. It’s like vacation at home! I think the Snow Leopard cat was my favorite. When I showed Jado the picture, he said he wanted to be a fierce cat…so he’s been chasing Clemmy all around the house, trying to be a fierce cat.

Week 52 collage.jpg
The next week was Christmas, and we had a pile of presents to open. So many nice gifts. It took us 4 hours to open! OMG. Brian’s love language is gifts, and we had to bring down three extra suitcases to bring our goodies back with us. We enjoyed looking at Christmas lights at Christmas card lane in San Diego, going to Christmas eve service and spending time with Brian’s extended family on their Christmas Eve get-together. We went out to Ali Baba’s, one of our other favorite restaurants in Escondido, and Brian and I had a nice lunch date at Pacific Coast Grill in Encinitas together. Unfortunately, Brian got sick (his normal, I went on vacation, and now I have a bad cold), so the rest of the week we didn’t do a whole lot after coming back home to Palo Alto. The cats were happy to see us and give Brian lots of cuddles while he rested. I had a few other cats that I watched over the week, since people were gone. It was a good way to me to be still, as I have to be with the cat for about 30 minutes, I can do yoga, sit there, read, think, listen to a book. My director gave me The TCP/IP Guide book to read a section of, but I’ve really been enjoying it, as it’s all of the networking items that I haven’t understood, in easily explained writing. This book is like 3,000 pages, and I don’t think he expected me to read the whole thing, just this one section, but I took it to San Diego and read it on the plane. An hour plane ride got me through one chapter, and got through a few more in San Diego while we were there. It’s not the easiest read, but much better than some other technical writings. The book is probably 6-8 pounds, and as I walked onto the plane, a guy said, wow, that could be a weapon! haha. Yea, and I’m the nerd walking around with a heavy book, on my Christmas break reading about how the internet works. Ended the year with a New Year’s Eve party at our friends Monica and Elliot’s house. What a year 2018 has been! A year of blogging and lots of pictures. Many adventures, many struggles, and lots of fun with the cats.

The Little C’s:
The cats also received a lot of presents: toys, a bed, more feathers, little mice. They were upset that they didn’t get to open their presents on Christmas, since we were gone, so we had Cat Christmas on December 28, when we got home. They opened their presents and had so much fun with their new toys that everyone gave them!


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