Week 1 of 2018

Week1 CollageHad a few fun things happen here this week! Touring of USS Portland and Omaha, saying Goodbye to a friend, and helping cousins move.

Brian and I went on a tour of the two large Navy ships that came into port here. The USS Portland and USS Omaha ships were huge, the staff were very welcoming and provided a lot of information. Almost made me want to join the Navy! Well, maybe not, as being trapped on a boat for awhile might not be my favorite thing. However, I really like the fact that because you’re in such a small space, everything that’s on the ship is there for a reason and is purposefully designed. There are good processes and systems, because those optimizations are required to have order on a ship.

This week was also the first goodbye that I had of a military friend here leaving. Although this is common, I’ve now finally been here for 9 months, and so have made a few good friends here. Was sad to see her go, but at the same time, I know that since Brian and I like to travel, there’s a likelihood that we may see her again in the future, wherever she may be at that time.

The mold here is really bad in many of the houses. Thankfully, our house does not have mold, but my cousins’ had it coming out of their lights and all over the place, so they moved houses this week. Unfortunately, living here, people move a lot, and it’s a lot of work to pack up everything! The military people have movers come and pack them out once they move to the next place, but for contractors, we have to pack and move ourselves (thankfully, the RQ field workers come and move the heavy things). Thankfully, we haven’t had to move since we’ve been here, and hopefully won’t have to until we leave! I was glad to be able to help the cousins move, because I had to pack up our house by myself when moving here, and that was a lot of work! They have 3 kids, so wanted to be able to help by watching the kids and then unpacking too!

Also, the perks of living here — power outages! If something fails, there’s not much redundancy here. We had an 8 hour outage from 11am to 7pm. Made for a fun time cooking. I made rice on the BBQ and grilled some chicken and vegetables in packets. Had some candles, and voilà, dinner was improvised and worked out okay. I thought it was kind of fun, Brian didn’t. The only concern I had was of the fridge food going bad, but after 3 hours of the power being off, we pulled the things that could have spoiled and put them in the freezer to stay cold. Worked really well, and we didn’t have to toss any food out.

I have been having fun with trying to grow plants here and my basil has done really well. I have 3 basil bushes, and since they’re so big, I figured, I’d start another smaller one, so have rooted some, and was able to give some of the extra rooted pieces away. The community here is great like that — you just post online saying that you have something to share, and people come!

Took a little walk around the beach area and found this pretty vine that was climbing up the railing. Growing where it was planted.

Jado & Clemmy’s update: We got into trouble this week. Jado was sitting on the kitchen counter one morning when Mommy came to get him out, we also ripped the tape on the bottom of the couch and climbed on in, and then Jado was eating something out of the trash. He had to go into timeout, unfortunately. However, he did well at other times in the week and got to drive the car. Clemmy went fishing, and I think he almost caught a “Jado”!

See the cute little video below