Week 39 of 2018

Week 39 Collage.jpg

A few hangouts with friends, dinner in the city (great food, great person, just not good traffic!), lots of work, doctors’ visits, and 50th Anniversary Worship night at Church.

Good news, my heavy metal levels are going down. Only hopefully one more round of IVs to get the toxic levels down enough to a reasonable level. Hopefully after that point, my body will start to heal a lot faster in the future.

The beginning part of the week wasn’t that interesting, besides some good meals with friends, but Brian came back from San Diego on Thursday evening, so we just had a short time together before I headed off to Birmingham, AL to visit my new nephew, Nathan! Brian and I had a lunch date which was fun (yay for GF sandwiches at the Press in Pleasanton!), he got to come with me to my doctors’ appointments, and we went to church on Friday night to celebrate our church’s 50th anniversary weekend. It was really nice to spend the day together. The evening event was packed! They had invited the original church members, and founding people to join. It was quite special, and the music was a mix of choir and band, with so many people singing. Really neat to see the legacy of the church.

While Brian was in San Diego, he got some blackout curtains. Our room has a lot of windows and it’s very nice, but bright in the morning. They are great! Good find. Looking forward to having good sleep again.

The highlight of the week (besides Brian coming back!) was getting to meet Nathan. He is six weeks old now, so he can open his eyes some and wiggle his arms. I enjoyed going around with Kati seeing some open houses in Birmingham as well on Sunday afternoon to get a feel of the area and what things look like there. There are some great big houses for $350k. And then as you move into the areas closer to the city with the really good schools, they’re 3-4 bedroom homes (but also with basements!) for about $650k. Crazy cheap compared to Palo Alto. Had some fun in Walmart (we only have a few in the Bay Area, and not one close by where we live or work), and got a pretty good laugh at the whole SECTION of tea. Sweet Tea, anyone? Welcome to the South.

He is a pretty happy little guy. He really liked me. Good thing, for Aunt Amanda! Kati and Aaron are going really well and seem to be adjusting to having a newborn. I was able to help out cooking and cleaning and holding baby. So nice to see everyone and spend time together.


The Little C’s:

I realized how much of an athlete Jado is. He is also just like a dog – he loves to play fetch! I only caught about half of his catching and bringing it back, by the time I put the video on. He kept bringing it back to me. He wanted to come to Birmingham with me, so he tried to get in my suitcase. The second time in a few weeks. Poor guy. Doesn’t like to have mommy go away.


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