Week 41 of 2018

Week 41 collageThere was not much eventful that happened this week on my end, besides work, and back to another round of IVs for removing the heavy metals.

I’m so thankful for my team at Apple. Working with good people makes all the difference in the world. Some good, encouraging conversations at work for me this week. I love talking with my director, as I always walk away encouraged and challenged to keep doing what I do best (questioning, poking holes in things, improving processes (stronger, faster, cheaper, better!)), and work harder to accomplish my goals. He told me that if I look at my yearly review goals and I think I can do them, they’re too easy. If I think I can do them in about two years, they’re still too easy. If I think, this is practically impossible, they’re just right for me. He sure knows how to challenge me — I for sure am motivated by almost-impossible ventures. “You can’t do that?” Oh, watch me. Having one person who believes in me is all the fodder I need to be motivated. Throughout the past few years at work, through my different rotations, I’ve had the opportunity to have multiple managers, some not so great, and some fantastic, and learning how to read them and get on the same page has a huge effect. Finding a manager who is a major supporter of me and my goals is something that I have found to be a great motivator for me. With that, I can do anything.

Over the weekend, Brian and I mainly hung out, taking it easy, getting ready for him to go back down to San Diego for two weeks for work. He did a lot of work this week working on his website, and actually got it up live (still working on functionality though). The past two or three years, Brian has been working every Sunday or so on doing a CodeCademy lesson, or a Udacity coding class. He’s been diligent to learn and has been doing a great job understanding the concepts. He said that if Computer Science was a little more popular when he was in high school, he probably would have studied that instead of civil engineering. So maybe one day he’ll be a professional developer in the future.

One fun thing we did was go to the Palo Alto Friends Library. I love living in this city. Walking around the neighborhood is great. Book sales from the library = great. The first room we went into was “expensive” books. $3-10 each. I am not paying that for a used book! I thought there were good sales. Well, there was a bargain book ROOM (!) and all books were $.50 – $1. Jackpot! We found some really cool old leather bound bible books (in the picture above) and got those, as well as a few others.

You’ll see me showing off my ring finger, because this week was #VowForGirls week. Crate and Barrel, the Knot, and one other company sponsored a campaign to help end child marriage, and to promote the ability that it’s good for girl’s to be able to choose their marriage partner. They donated $1 for every post picturing people’s ring fingers.

I spent some time with my friend Rachel and her kids. We went to take her daughter to get her first school pictures! So adorable! I’ve enjoyed watching them grow up the past 3 years.

Ooh! Something I forgot to mention last week. I got my new Apple Watch 4! I had the very original one, and the screen was very faint (not sure why, but the brightness just kept dropping, so I couldn’t even see at outside by the end!). The new watch looks so fancy. I got the Rose gold one with pink watch band and it looks super classy. My favorite part was when I opened the box (which opens in a pretty cool way) and the watch face is in a fuzzy little case. Yes, fuzzy. Loved it. So cute.

Little C’s:

Since they’ve been on their diet, they’ve been very excited to come for food time! Clemmy is having so much fun jumping over the fence every 20 minutes back and forth so he’s getting a lot of exercise and started to actually get too skinny! Jado eats all of the food and Clemmy only eats a little before he goes out to play (he’s more of a nibbler here and there), so by the time he comes back, all the food is gone. We’ve had to start keeping it away from Jado so Clemmy actually can eat!




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