Week 43 of 2018

Week 43 collage.jpg

Wow, where is the year going? Week 43. I was been really busy this week, due to after work events, since Brian was gone, I wasn’t home much.

By Friday, I was pretty worn out after not having good sleep for quite awhile, and such a busy week. After the doctor, I went to Costco to get gas, since they have the cheapest gas around. Unfortunately, at that Costco, they don’t have a gas station. They did have an In N Out across the street, and since it was going to be later when I got home, I decided that I would get something. It was nice to just sit in the sun and have a treat.

Brian and I had a nice date on Saturday, shopping, and searching for items for a halloween costume for me. Every year at work, we do a big halloween competition. Sometimes teams do dances, there’s always a costume competition, and there’s food. Fun to get everyone together. I decided to be a lady bug this year, because it was something cute, slightly normal clothes can be worn, and I had most of the materials. I just needed some pipe cleaners. Well, once we got home, we gave one to the cats and they went nuts! I think because it’s kind of springy, they really liked it!

Throughout the week, I went to an event for Apple Christian Fellowship, as well as for the Tepper School of Business’ Business and Technology trek. I was the president of both of these groups (co-chair for ACF 2015-2016, and B&T president 2013-2014. It was so encouraging for me to see how well both of these clubs are doing. There were about 80 people on the B&T trek this year, which was huge! I love talking with the students and also conversing with the alumni from my class, and those from years prior that I regularly see at these alumni events. For me, being an involved alumna is important! Pass it on.
ACF’s event was for the year’s kickoff to pass on the vision for the group. Since it’s an officially sponsored Diversity Network Association, we get money from Apple to do events, relating to our group. This year, I feel like the Diversity and Inclusion team at Apple has a good plan, and that rolls down to ACF being able to be a little more strategic in what they can do and how the upper management will partner with them. I’m so thankful that this group exists, and for the strength it gives as it supports its members.

The other thing that I started doing this week was a Mindfulness for Stress Reduction class that Apple is hosting. The teacher is fantastic. She is a counselor, and has taught Mindfulness classes for 25 years at Stanford hospital to people who have had physical trauma in their life (brain/spinal cord injuries). She has seen Mindfulness really help her patients heal. Since I’ve struggled with health the past number of years, and I’m kind of at my witts end in trying to find ways to get better, I decided to do it wholeheartedly. It’s a lot of work – practicing 20 minutes to 50 minutes every day, and going to 2 hour classes for 6 weeks, with a 6 hour retreat at the end. I like the way she teaches as it’s very practical and practice-based. I hope that it will help me! So far, it’s been very interesting.

I’ve been taking care of my Rover clients still. I have 8 cats that I will be caring for in the next few weeks, especially with the holidays coming up. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is coming up so soon. One of my pets is a dog, and I take him for walks. He goes pretty fast, and since I’ve not been doing much exercise per doctor’s orders, walking quickly has tired me out some. It’s good to get out and move!

On Sunday, Brian and I met up with our old small group and had lunch and purchased supplies for Operation Christmas child. I also found out that one of my co-workers on my immediate team worked for Samaritan’s Purse doing their IT/networking setup for the Operation Christmas child warehouses. So cool. It was fun to get together with our old group and enjoy a service project together.

Throughout the week, Brian finished up in San Diego, hopefully for the last time for awhile for work. He enjoyed time with his family and got to go to a nice restaurant with his parents called Pacific Coast Grill, right on the coast. So pretty! He’s promised to take me back there when we’re next down at Christmas 🙂
Little C’s:
I’ve been training the cats to be outside more. I want them to get to a point where we could leave them outside for the day, so that way when both Brian and I are gone, we don’t have to leave them trapped in the room. Jado loves coming in and out all day, every 5 minutes. So when I closed the door he was a little sad and sat there at the door for 30 minutes wanting to come in.



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